Porter 7

November 13, 2001 at 11:20am

Author(s): Ray Mills

“The Porter 7 came in second and missed only by a few points. The beer was well received and all the judges comments were ‘it will gain more points with maturity,’ as it was only 12 weeks in the bottle.”—Ray Mills The ESB (Eastern Suburbs Brewing) shop at Peakhurst in Sydney…


June 12, 2001 at 11:20am

Author(s): Mark Szamatulski, Tess Szamatulski

“The recipe for SW1 is a great summer beer. It’s inexpensive ($25.00 for a 5 gallon recipe complete with liquid yeast), it’s low in alcohol, thirst quenching and has a lot of character. Another plus is that it is ready quickly and is best drunk fresh.”—Tess Szamatulski The…

7th Annual Craft Brewer's Beer Festival

May 25, 2001 at 11:15am

Author(s): Lathe Poland visited the happenings at the 7th Annual Craft Brewers Beer Festival held in Naugatuck, CT on May 19, 2001. The visitors were treated to great food and live music. Of course the focus was on the great beer from 20 breweries, 6 brew pubs, and 1 supply shop. Hundreds of people crowded…

Code Name: Fantasia

May 4, 2001 at 11:10am

Author(s): Lathe Poland

Here's an interview with Jeff Fowler the chief developer of about a new hop utilization feature for the GOLD interface. L: So how long have you been with BeerTools? J: Since the beginning in February, 1999. L: A lot of changes to the tools have taken place since then, haven’t they…

Homemade Grain Mill

May 1, 2001 at 11:15am

Author(s): Jeff Fowler

One of the more costly pieces of equipment for the home brewer is the grain mill. If you have more time than money, perhaps you might consider making one yourself! As is the case with most home brewers, I like to make stuff. After all, it takes more to be a home brewer than a simple love for beer.…

Making the Best of Extract

January 8, 2000 at 11:10am

Author(s): Chris Testerman

Over the years extract brewing has earned the reputation of being inferior to all grain brewing. Extract brews may not be the true formula of beer making, but with a few steps they can be as good as their puritan counter parts. Extract brews take less time to make, and require less equipment to…

The Brewing Basics

January 1, 2000 at 11:05am

Author(s): Lathe Poland

Here are 10 basic ideas to help the new brewer. There are many more “principles” that can be discussed. Those will be discussed in future articles. Contents: 1. Keep it clean. 2. Try to keep your first batches simple. 3. Good beer needs good water. 4. Keep good notes. 5. Chill the wort. 6.…

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