June 12, 2001 at 11:20am

Author(s): Mark Szamatulski, Tess Szamatulski

“The recipe for SW1 is a great summer beer. It’s inexpensive ($25.00 for a 5 gallon recipe complete with liquid yeast), it’s low in alcohol, thirst quenching and has a lot of character. Another plus is that it is ready quickly and is best drunk fresh.”—Tess Szamatulski

The name of this quaint little brewery was derived by local associations with Nell Gwynn, a purveyor of oranges. It originated as the Orange Coffeehouse and was dedicated to Prince William of the House of Orange, who lived in Pimlico for a time. The building dates back to 1790. The brewery was established in 1983 and re-furbished in 1995. The cozy pub and brewery is a lovely walk through the antique section of London from the Victoria Coach tube station. The full-mash beers are brewed and stored in the cellar under carbon dioxide pressure and pumped up to the taps in the pub. Their capacity is 12 barrels per week.When we visited the Orange Brewery we were taken on a tour by Jean-Baptiste Debiais. Jean was born in France but worked at the pub to perfect his English. It is a very friendly establishment, from the people that work there to the patrons. The beer was fresh and delicious, as was the pub fare. If you are visiting London, stop in for a pint.

Easy drinking SW1 arrives with a creamy pure white head that sits on a spun gold beer. Hoppy in aroma, the first intriguing swallow tickles the throat with fruity hops and then the crystal malt makes itself known. The finish ends with fruit and malt. A delicious session beer, combined with good friends and lively, opinionated conversation, makes for a perfect day.

View the recipe:
SW1 (Extract)
SW1 (Partial Mash)
SW1 (All-Grain)

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