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Session Lager

Session Lager

Standard American Lager • All Grain • 6.00 gal

Stella Artois Clone

Batch 4

February 26, 2017 at 10:01am

3.0/5.0 1 rating

Ingredients (All Grain6.00 gal)

  • 3.5 lbs American 2-row

    American 2-row

    Yields a slightly higher extract than Six Rox brewers Malt. Tends to give a smoother, less grainy flavored beer. Some brewers claim they can detect a significant difference in flavor. Lower protein and will yield a lower color than Six-Row Brewers Malt

  • .5 lbs Belgian Cara-Pils

    Belgian Cara-Pils

    Significantly increases foam/head retention and body of the beer.

  • 3.5 lbs American 6-row Pale

    American 6-row Pale

    Tends to increase lautering efficiency due to a stiffer husk. May be used as the base malt for any beer style. The enzymes in all varieties of the current crop are sufficient to support high percentages of specialty malts and adjuncts.

  • 2.5 lbs Rice Flaked

    Rice Flaked

    Used to add fermentables without increasing body or flavor. Produces a milder, less grainy tasting beer. Examples: American lagers, Bohemian lagers, Pilsners

  • 1.0 oz Czech Saaz - 2.8 AA% pellets; boiled 60 min

    Czech Saaz

    Very mild. 'Noble'.

  • 0.5 oz Hallertau - 2.5 AA% pellets; boiled 20 min


    Good for all around bittering and finishing stock ales, Belgian ales, and continental style lagers. Aroma is mild, pleasant and flowery.

  • 1 ea Whirlfloc Tablets (Irish moss) - 10 minutes (omitted from calculations)

    Whirlfloc Tablets (Irish moss)

    Enhanced Irish Moss in convenient tablet form

  • 1 tsp Finings Gelatin - 1/2 cup in keg (omitted from calculations)

    Finings Gelatin

    Clears beer by causing particles to coagulate and settle

  • Wyeast 2007 Pilsen Lager™

    Wyeast 2007 Pilsen Lager™

    A classic American pilsner strain, smooth, malty palate. Ferments dry and crisp.


Mash 60 minutes at 148F Boil 90 minutes, Cover and allow 30 minutes for proteins to drop Chilled to 55F and pitched 2 packs yeast. Quick Lager Method - grain to brain in 2 weeks.

Style (BJCP)

Category: 1 - Light Lager

Subcategory: B - Standard American Lager

Range for this Style
Original Gravity: 1.044 1.040 - 1.050
Terminal Gravity: 1.007 1.004 - 1.010
Color: 3.0 SRM 2 - 4
Alcohol: 4.8% ABV 4.2% - 5.3%
Bitterness: 14.1 IBU 8 - 15



Batch 1 Brew session

2017-03-14 10:26am

Keg is almost gone. It was a little malty to me which hid the crispness of what I was hoping for. Batch 2 will include a drop in base malt, addition of corn flake to lighten the body more, and a slight change up in the bittering hops.


Batch 2 Brew Session

2017-03-20 9:42am

Brewed on 3/18 and overshot OG to 1.055 using the flaked corn for the first time. May need to cut back a little more on the pilsner malt and flaked corn. Will check back after kegging and tasting.

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