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Simple Father

Simple Father

Belgian Pale Ale • All Grain • 5.5 gal

Muddy Mo

Patersbier recipe from Simply Beer: http://simplybeer.com/2011/03/09/sorachi-patersbier-part-twee/

February 24, 2014 at 02:47am

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Ingredients (All Grain5.5 gal)

  • 5 lbs Pilsen Malt; Best Malz

    Pilsen Malt; Best Malz

    Our first class BEST Pilsen Malt gives beer a fresh and rounded taste. It can be used for all types of light beer. It also forms an excellent “light” foundation for almost all beer specialities. The malt is produced from high-quality two-row-spring barley, which was grown in the best German and European barley regions. The properties of the malt: low protein levels, high extract content, light colour and high enzymatic activity.

  • 5 lbs Vienna Malt; Best Malz

    Vienna Malt; Best Malz

    BEST Vienna Malt deepens the light and brilliant colour of the beer and creates a pleasant, full-bodied taste. Selected brewing barley is used to produce the malt and manufactured according to a special malting process. This malt has a high enzymatic potential, too.

  • .25 lbs Acidulated Malt; Best Malz

    Acidulated Malt; Best Malz

    BEST Acidulated Malt reduces the pH value of the wort. This results in improved enzyme activity of the mash, greater yield and taste stability as well as in beer with a lighter colour and a balanced aroma. It also represents an interesting alternative for breweries that have no mash acidification.

  • 1 oz Saaz - 4.0 AA% pellets; boiled 60 min


    Used for finishing pilseners, continental lagers, and wheats. The aroma is spicy and pleasant with fragrant overtones.

  • 1 oz Sorachi Ace - 11.0 AA% pellets; boiled 15 min

    Sorachi Ace

    Reportedly grown for several years at a Sapporo Breweries Hop Farm in China and exported to Japan and other countries. Sorachi Ace has a unique lemony aroma. Works well with Citra and Simcoe. Ideal for Belgian Saison's or new IPA recipes.

  • Wyeast 3787 Trappist High Gravity™

    Wyeast 3787 Trappist High Gravity™

    Robust top cropping yeast with phenolic character. Alcohol tolerance to 12%. Ideal for Biere de Garde. Ferments dry with rich ester profile and malty palate.


60 min Saccrification Add 12.00 qt of water at 164 F 149.0 F 10 min Mash Out Add 7.18 qt of water at 211 F 168.0 F Boil: boil volume of 6.41 gal Estimated pre-boil gravity is 1.047 60 min 1.00 oz Saaz [4.00 %] 15 min 1 Whirfloc Tablet 10 min 1.00 oz Sorachi Ace [11.8%] 10 min 1 tsp Yeast Nutrient

Style (BJCP)

Category: 16 - Belgian and French Ale

Subcategory: B - Belgian Pale Ale

Range for this Style
Original Gravity: 1.047 1.048 - 1.054
Terminal Gravity: 1.011 1.010 - 1.014
Color: 4.9 SRM 8 - 14
Alcohol: 4.8% ABV 4.8% - 5.5%
Bitterness: 32.5 IBU 20 - 30


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