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Schwarzbier (Black Beer) • All Grain • 10 gal


Recipe in progress

November 4, 2013 at 03:50pm

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Ingredients (All Grain10 gal)

  • 12 lbs Munich 10L Malt; Briess

    Munich 10L Malt; Briess

    Robust malty flavor. Characteristics & Applications: • Adds a pronounced malty flavor without adding non-fermentables or affecting foam. • Small amounts added to the grist will improve the malty flavor and give a richer color to low gravity brews. • Produced from AMBA/BMBRI recommended 6-Row Malting Barley varieties.

  • 6 lbs Organic Pilsner; Great Western

    Organic Pilsner; Great Western

  • .5 lbs American Black Patent

    American Black Patent

    Provides color and sharp flavor in stouts and porters.

  • .5 lbs Weyermann Carafa® I; Weyermann

    Weyermann Carafa® I; Weyermann

    Gives deep aroma and color to dark beers, bocks, stout, alt and schwarzbier.

  • 1.5 lbs Caramel Malt 80L; Briess

    Caramel Malt 80L; Briess

    Pronounced caramel, slight burnt sugar, raisiny, prune flavors. Characteristics & Applications: • In contrast to Brewers Malt, glassiness is a distinguishing characteristic of Caramel Malt. The glassy endosperm creates the desirable non-fermentable components giving true Caramel Malt the ability to contribute body (mouthfeel), foam, foam retention, and extended beer stability, while contributing color and unique caramel flavor. • Caramel Malt 80L is a roasted caramel malt that imparts red to deep red color. • Use 3-15% in Amber and Red beers. • Use 10-15% in Bock beers. • Use 7-15% in Dark beers. • Use 10-15% in Porter and Stout. • Produced from AMBA/BMBRI recommended 6-Row Malting Barley varieties.

  • 2.6 oz Hallertauer Hersbrucker - 4.2 AA% pellets; boiled 90 min

    Hallertauer Hersbrucker

    Mild to strong. 'Noble'.

  • 1.00 oz Hallertauer Mittelfrüher - 4.0 AA% pellets; boiled 15 min

    Hallertauer Mittelfrüher

    Fine, 'Noble'.

  • 1.00 oz Hallertauer Mittelfrüher - 4.0 AA% pellets; boiled 1 min

    Hallertauer Mittelfrüher

    Fine, 'Noble'.

  • Wyeast 2007 Pilsen Lager™

    Wyeast 2007 Pilsen Lager™

    A classic American pilsner strain, smooth, malty palate. Ferments dry and crisp.

Style (BJCP)

Category: 4 - Dark Lager

Subcategory: C - Schwarzbier (Black Beer)

Range for this Style
Original Gravity: 1.049 1.046 - 1.052
Terminal Gravity: 1.013 1.010 - 1.016
Color: 23.3 SRM 17 - 30
Alcohol: 4.8% ABV 4.4% - 5.4%
Bitterness: 31.7 IBU 22 - 32


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