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2013 Minnesota Vikings Beer

2013 Minnesota Vikings Beer

American Pale Ale • All Grain • 5 gal

Mash Mouth


October 28, 2013 at 01:41pm

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Ingredients (All Grain5 gal)

  • 0.0001 lbs American Victory

    American Victory

    Provides a deep golden to brown color. Use in nut brown ales, IPAs and Scottish ales.

  • 0.0001 lbs Victory® Malt; Briess

    Victory® Malt; Briess

    Biscuity, baking bread, nutty flavors. Characteristics & Applications: • With an aroma of baking bread, Victory® Malt is great in Nut Brown Ales and other dark beers. • Special processing develops the biscuity, baking bread, nutty flavors that are distinctive in Victory® Malt. • Produced from AMBA/BMBRI recommended 6-Row Malting Barley varieties.

  • 100.00 lbs Yellow Corn (Pregelatinized Flakes); Briess

    Yellow Corn (Pregelatinized Flakes); Briess

    Characteristics & Applications: • Pregelatinized Yellow Corn Flakes can be used as a cereal adjunct. The flakes can be added to the mash without first using a cereal cooker. The pregelatinized flakes will give a higher yield and a more trouble-free brew than a conventional flaked corn. Also, the corn has been degermed (the oil removed), thus eliminating rancidity. • Using Pregelatinized Yellow Corn Flakes as an adjunct produces a lower color in the finished beer without lowering the original gravity. • Pregelatinized Yellow Corn Flakes produce a beer with a mild, less malty flavor • Pregelatinized Yellow Corn Flakes produce a drier, more crisp beer. • Use up to 40% as a cereal adjunct in the total grist • Add directly to the mash with the malts. Do not mill. A single or multiple temperature infusion can be used. Conversion time and lautering time will be normal.

  • 0.0001 oz Warrior® - 16.0 AA% pellets; boiled 60 min


    New hop with much potential. Very stable.

  • 32.00 oz Cluster - 7.0 AA% whole; boiled 60 min


    Used for bittering and flavor qualities in light and dark American lagers. Aroma is very floral.

  • 1 gal Lavender (fresh) - (omitted from calculations)

    Lavender (fresh)

    Adds a unique mild soothing floral soapy flavor.

  • White Labs WLP862 Cry Havoc

    White Labs WLP862 Cry Havoc

    Licensed from Charlie Papazian, this strain can ferment at ale and lager temperatures, allowing brewers to produce diverse beer styles. The recipes in both Papazian's books, The Complete Joy of Homebrewing and The Homebrewers Companion, were originally developed and brewed with this yeast.

Style (BJCP)

Category: 10 - American Ale

Subcategory: A - American Pale Ale

Range for this Style
Original Gravity: 1.515 1.045 - 1.060
Terminal Gravity: 1.098 1.010 - 1.015
Color: 0.0 SRM 5 - 14
Alcohol: 76.2% ABV 4.5% - 6%
Bitterness: 282.4 IBU 30 - 45




2013-10-30 1:14pm

How did you get the corn to mash? Is this for real?

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