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Panzer kolsch

Panzer kolsch

Kölsch • All Grain • 25 L

Norseman brewery

A slightly strong, but still true to style kölsch. If you want to go all German, you can replace the Saaz with Hallertau.

February 2, 2013 at 11:06am

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Ingredients (All Grain25 L)

  • 4.60 kg Pilsen Malt; Best Malz

    Pilsen Malt; Best Malz

    Our first class BEST Pilsen Malt gives beer a fresh and rounded taste. It can be used for all types of light beer. It also forms an excellent “light” foundation for almost all beer specialities. The malt is produced from high-quality two-row-spring barley, which was grown in the best German and European barley regions. The properties of the malt: low protein levels, high extract content, light colour and high enzymatic activity.

  • 0.7 kg Wheat Malt Light; Best Malz

    Wheat Malt Light; Best Malz

    BEST Wheat Malt light emphasises the effervescent freshness and the typical top-fermented taste of wheat beer. It is produced from high quality brewing wheat. Malting processes adapted to the raw material highlight the particular qualities of this malt.

  • 0.3 kg Caramel Malt Light; Best Malz

    Caramel Malt Light; Best Malz

    BEST Caramel Malt light reinforces the typical “caramely” malt aroma of the beer. It gives the beer a darker colour and increases froth stability. In addition it strengthens the full-bodied character of the beer. The malt is malted, sugared and finally gently roasted using a special process. This produces the special caramel aroma. As with all BEST caramel malts, this malt excels because it has exceptional processing properties and excellent taste qualities.

  • 40 g Hallertau - 4.5 AA% pellets; boiled 60 min


    Good for all around bittering and finishing stock ales, Belgian ales, and continental style lagers. Aroma is mild, pleasant and flowery.

  • 15 g Saaz - 5.0 AA% pellets; boiled 7 min


    Used for finishing pilseners, continental lagers, and wheats. The aroma is spicy and pleasant with fragrant overtones.

  • White Labs WLP029 German Ale/Kölsch

    White Labs WLP029 German Ale/Kölsch

    From a small brewpub in Cologne, Germany, this yeast works great in Kölsch and Alt style beers. Good for light beers like blond and honey. Accentuates hop flavors, similar to WLP001. The slight sulfur produced during fermentation will disappear with age a

Style (BJCP)

Category: 6 - Light Hybrid Beer

Subcategory: C - Kölsch

Range for this Style
Original Gravity: 1.048 1.044 - 1.050
Terminal Gravity: 1.009 1.007 - 1.011
Color: 4.1 SRM 3.5 - 5
Alcohol: 5.1% ABV 4.4% - 5.2%
Bitterness: 25.6 IBU 20 - 30


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