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Ephemere Clone

Ephemere Clone

Saison • Extract • 5 gal

Tart Apple Saisson

My attempt to clone Unibroue's Ephemere ale with an alcohol boost.

November 2, 2012 at 04:54pm

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Ingredients (Extract5 gal)

  • 0.12 lbs Belgian Aromatic

    Belgian Aromatic

    Imparts a big malt aroma. Use in brown ales, Belgian dubbels and tripels.

  • 0.25 lbs 2-Row Carapils® Malt; Briess

    2-Row Carapils® Malt; Briess

    Very low color or flavor contribution. Characteristics & Applications: • The endosperm is completely glassy and will appear to be darker than standard Brewers Malt. • Carapils® is a very unique dextrine-style malt that adds body, foam retention, and beer stability without influencing color or flavor. • Use to upgrade all types of beer, including light colored beers. • The non-fermentables in Carapils® are very advantageous in balancing body and flavor of dark colored beers. • May be used with or without other specialty malts. • Low usage of 1-5% will help achieve desired results. • Produced from AMBA/BMBRI recommended 2-Row Malting Barley varieties.

  • 4 lbs Liquid Light Extract

    Liquid Light Extract

    A brewer can create any beer style with this extract when used as a base in conjunction with colored malts and selected hops. Contains no colored malts or hops.

  • 4 lbs Liquid Wheat Extract

    Liquid Wheat Extract

    Made with a preponderance of wheat malt (55%) for the production of wheat or Weiss beers. Contains no colored malts or hops.

  • 5 lbs Honey


    Imparts sweet and dry taste. For honey and brown ales. Also: specialty ales.

  • 1.0 oz Cascade - 5.5 AA% pellets; boiled 60 min


    Spicy with citrus notes. Slightly grapefruity.

  • 0.50 oz Czech Saaz - 5.0 AA% pellets; boiled 15 min

    Czech Saaz

    Very mild. 'Noble'.

  • 0.50 oz Czech Saaz - 5.0 AA% pellets; boiled 1 min

    Czech Saaz

    Very mild. 'Noble'.

  • 1 oz Bitter Curacao/Bitter Orange (Peel) - (omitted from calculations)

    Bitter Curacao/Bitter Orange (Peel)

    Used in Belgian Wit beers. Add to last 5 minutes of boil.

  • 0.75 oz Corriander crushed - (omitted from calculations)

    Corriander crushed

    Coriander is the seed of Coriandrum sativum, a plant in the parsley family. The seed is ground or crushed. Coriander has a mild, distinctive taste similar to a blend of lemon and sage.

  • White Labs WLP565 Belgian Saison I

    White Labs WLP565 Belgian Saison I

    Classic Saison yeast from Wallonia. It produces earthy, peppery, and spicy notes. Slightly sweet. With high gravity saisons, brewers may wish to dry the beer with an alternate yeast added after 75% fermentation.


Boil 2gal tart (granny smith)apple cider reduce to 1 gal add to secondary when cool. add WLP566 to secondary. then add 1 lb honey per day.

Style (BJCP)

Category: 16 - Belgian and French Ale

Subcategory: C - Saison

Range for this Style
Original Gravity: 1.091 1.048 - 1.065
Terminal Gravity: 1.010 1.002 - 1.012
Color: 10.0 SRM 5 - 14
Alcohol: 10.7% ABV 5% - 7%
Bitterness: 21.0 IBU 20 - 35


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