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Woodland Brown Ale

Woodland Brown Ale

Northern English Brown Ale • All Grain • 6.5 gal


Wonderful wonderful!!!

April 15, 2012 at 01:09pm

5.0/5.0 1 rating

Ingredients (All Grain6.5 gal)

  • 11.25 lbs Optic Pale Ale Malt; Thomas Fawcett

    Optic Pale Ale Malt; Thomas Fawcett

  • 0.8125 lbs British Crystal 55°L

    British Crystal 55°L

    Sweet caramel flavor, adds mouthfeel and head retention. For pale or amber ales.

  • 0.5 lbs Chocolate Malt; Beeston

    Chocolate Malt; Beeston

    Roasted coffee flavor.

  • 0.9 oz Northern Brewer - 9.1 AA% whole; boiled 60 min

    Northern Brewer

    Used for bittering with strong flavors and very fragrant in steam beers, dark English ales, and German lagers. Aroma is medium-strong with evergreen and mint overtones.

  • 0.7 oz Fuggle - 6.7 AA% whole; boiled 15 min


    Mild. Mainly used for finishing and dry hopping especially pale ales, porters, and stouts. Aroma is mild and pleasant, spicy, and soft.

  • 0.125 tsp AllFine - (omitted from calculations)


    Clarifier. A purified and standardized form of fish collagen, with a small amount of sodium metabisulfite as a preservative. A free-flowing white powder, mixed into solution in a simple mixer, and normally added as beer is transferred from fermenter to storage. Usage is approx .4-1.2 oz. per 10 bbl. for both ales and lagers.

  • Wyeast 1098 British Ale™

    Wyeast 1098 British Ale™

    From Whitbread. Ferments dry and crisp, slightly tart, fruity and well-balanced. Ferments well down to 65F.

Style (BJCP)

Category: 11 - English Brown Ale

Subcategory: C - Northern English Brown Ale

Range for this Style
Original Gravity: 1.051 1.040 - 1.052
Terminal Gravity: 1.011 1.008 - 1.013
Color: 19.3 SRM 12 - 22
Alcohol: 5.2% ABV 4.2% - 5.4%
Bitterness: 29.4 IBU 20 - 30



The best brown ale I have brewed, hands down!

2012-07-14 10:16am

A northern brown that surprised by how good it was, yet, it is a simple recipe. Don't over do a brown unnecessarily, and this one is right on for me.

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