Ray Mills Triple Crown (Three Recipes)

December 20, 2002 at 7:25pm

Author(s): Ray Mills

Ray Mills of Bulli, New South Wales was the most awarded Brewer at the 2002 Australian National Competition. He walked away with first prize for his Robust Porter. Additional he netted two second place trophies. In the 2002 Queensland State Competition he was awarded champion brewer and picked up two firsts, two thirds and three silver medals Ray started brewing all grain some years ago and had a lot trouble trying to balance his beer.

“I have been brewing now for over 8 years and it was about 4 years ago I wanted more from the current range of kits I was brewing. I decided to jump into mash brewing and purchased all the equipment required. My first few batches were ok but I was hungry for more information. I purchased all the books available and copied those recipes. Thanks to Beertools that has changed, Beertools gives me the opportunity to get that right balance to style that I needed.”

He added, “I am improving my lagers with double decoction mash, which I believe you have to do for true German lagers. I want to encourage more brewers to change from kits to extract and then full mash brewing, it can only help the industry.” A healthy craftbrewing industry is a good thing.

Here are the winning recipes:

Australian National Competition 2002

Robust Porter: Porter 11 came 1st in Dark Ale category with 132.5 / 150.
What was different about this beer is it was made with all German Weyermann malts.
Judges comments:
Appearance: looks great excellent presentation
Bouquet / Aroma: smells great
Flavour: tastes great, super flavour
Body: Perfect to style, great body
Overall impression: please send me your recipe, fantastic beer, top result congratulations

Foreign Stout: Gong Stout 6 came 2nd in stout category with 124.5 / 150, 2nd at the Queensland State Competition.
This is a very smooth stout try it.
Judges comments:
Appearance: generous carbonation, solid black
Bouquet / Aroma: very clean, nice roast
Flavour: well rounded flavour malty, medium roast, rich caramel complex, balanced
Body: medium full body, well balanced
Overall impression: delicious, satisfying stout, congratulations, clean flavour, a well made beer

Smoked American Brown: Smoked American Brown 1 came second in the Specialty category 110.5 / 150.
Judges comments:
Appearance: looks good
Bouquet / Aroma: floral hop and smoke nicely integrated
Flavour: hoppy, bitter and subtly smoke good
Body: a bit high for American style
Overall impression: a nice marriage of smoke, hop and malt