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What is the difference between BeerTools GOLD and BeerTools Pro?

Solution We have two different kinds of products. The original online recipe calculation tools are web based. These tools are handy for formulating recipes from any internet connected computer. The web based tools have two levels: BASIC and GOLD. The BASIC level is available for free and GOLD is purchased as a subscription. GOLD adds more features and higher ingredient capacities than the BASIC version.

Our other product, BeerTools Pro (BTP), is a stand-alone application for Mac and PC. This means you do not need to be connected to the internet to use it because it is installed and run on your computer. However, BTP can access the BeerTools online recipe database using the online features available in the program.

If you have both BTP and GOLD, you are allowed to download more recipes from the site using BTP than TRIAL members can. Both products can be purchased as a bundle with a significant discount.
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