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King and Barnes Sussex Bitter Clone

King and Barnes Sussex Bitter Clone

Standard/Ordinary Bitter • All Grain • 16 gal


To be brewed soon.

April 16, 2007 at 09:31pm

5.0/5.0 1 rating

Ingredients (All Grain16 gal)

  • 15.00 lbs Maris Otter Pale

    Maris Otter Pale

    An English thoroughbred and a favored choice of malt for many brewers. Simpsons' Maris Otter has a rich and nutty flavor and despite its small, berry size has a strong husk. This malt delivers predictable brewhouse performance with modest, yet consistent extracts. Brewers can expect good runoffs with clear wort.

  • 0.33 lbs American Caramel 10°L

    American Caramel 10°L

    This malt is light in color with a sweet caramel flavor. It is a great malt for light lagers and ales.

  • 0.09 lbs American Caramel 120°L

    American Caramel 120°L

    Provides color, a unique flavor, body, and contribures to foam retention and beer stability. Gives a pronounced to sharp caramel flavor and a deep red color.

  • 1.00 lbs White Wheat Malt

    White Wheat Malt

    Weizens. Improves head retention in all beers. Contributes spicy flavor. Protein rest required.

  • 1.00 lbs Belgian Biscuit

    Belgian Biscuit

    Warm baked biscuit flavor and aroma. Increases body. Use in Belgian beers.

  • 0.50 lbs Golden Naked Oats

    Golden Naked Oats

    Huskless oat crystal malt. Exotic ingredient for subtle nutty difference. This malt lends a sweet berry-nut flavor. Use at a rate of 4-15% of the total grist to deliver a deep golden hue with light caramel flavors as well as a creamy, satin finish.

  • 2.00 lbs Corn Flaked (Maize)

    Corn Flaked (Maize)

    Generally a neutral flavor, used to reduce maltiness of beer. Produces beer with a milder, less malty flavor. Uses: Primarily for light Bohemian and Pilsner lagers.

  • 2.60 oz Challenger - 8.0 AA% whole; boiled 60 min


    Popular bittering hop used primarily in British ales and lagers. Mild to moderate aroma, but quite spicy.

  • 3.00 oz East Kent Goldings - 5.0 AA% whole; boiled 15 min

    East Kent Goldings

    Mild, slightly flowery.

  • Wyeast 1028 London Ale™

    Wyeast 1028 London Ale™

    Rich with a dry finish, minerally profile, bold and crisp, with some fruitiness.

Style (BJCP)

Category: 8 - English Pale Ale

Subcategory: A - Standard/Ordinary Bitter

Range for this Style
Original Gravity: 1.036 1.032 - 1.040
Terminal Gravity: 1.009 1.007 - 1.011
Color: 5.6 SRM 4 - 14
Alcohol: 3.5% ABV 3.2% - 3.8%
Bitterness: 36.2 IBU 25 - 35



More information required

2007-06-23 11:51am

No mashing details posted with this recipe. Is it a single infusion or a step mash procedure and at what temperature?


Mashing Details:

2007-06-23 1:37pm

Alvin, Sorry for lack of mashing details! Mash @ 150 - 152 degF for 75 minutes or until converted. If you brew this, please let me know your thoughts! Thanks!


Delightful well intigrated beer!

2008-06-14 5:09pm

I finally brewed this recipe on May 3rd 2008. I had to use Golden Promise for the base malt as I didn't have any Marris Otter. Next time I'll try using the Marris Otter. The beer came out great and i'm enjoying one now. I'll be brewing this one again real soon as it is a wonderful flavourful beer that is very easy drinking. With the low alcohol rating, it is a perfect beer for he hot summer months where you want to sit around with your friends and have a few pints, without getting all liquered up! It is now one of my house beers and is all about the flavour! Enjoy! (_)3

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