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Yuengling "Lager" Clone

Yuengling "Lager" Clone

Premium American Lager • Extract • 5 gal

Rob Evans

Although this recipes is utilized to be fermented as an ale, it is called a "Lager" clone since it tastes darn near like Yuengling.

July 23, 2002 at 07:33pm

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Ingredients (Extract5 gal)

  • .66 lbs Belgian Cara-Pils

    Belgian Cara-Pils

    Significantly increases foam/head retention and body of the beer.

  • .33 lbs Crystal Malt 10°L

    Crystal Malt 10°L

    Sweet, mild caramel flavor and a golden color. Use in light lagers and light ales. Characteristics & Applications: • In contract to Brewers Malt, glassiness is a distinguishing characteristic of Caramel Malt. The glassy endosperm creates the desirable non-fermentable components giving true Caramel Malt the ability to contribute body (mouthfeel), foam foam retention, and extended beer stability, while contributing color and unique caramel flavor. • Caramel 10L is a roasted caramel malt that imparts golden color. • Use 3-7% for Pilsener-style beers for balance. • Use 5-15% to provide color, sweetness and color to light amber beers. • Produced from AMBA/BMBRI recommended 2-Row Malting Barley varieties.

  • 3.5 lbs Liquid Amber Extract

    Liquid Amber Extract

    Amber is used predominantly in the production of medium-colored beers such as pale ales, IPAs, and bitters.

  • 3 lbs Dry Amber Extract

    Dry Amber Extract

    Cream-colored and full-flavored; will produce amber colored beers such as pale ales, IPAs, and bitters. Made of pale and crystal malts.

  • 1 oz Cascade - 5.5 AA% pellets; boiled 60 min


    Spicy with citrus notes. Slightly grapefruity.

  • .5 oz Cascade - 5.5 AA% pellets; boiled 30 min


    Spicy with citrus notes. Slightly grapefruity.

  • .5 oz Cascade - 5.5 AA% pellets; boiled 5 min


    Spicy with citrus notes. Slightly grapefruity.

  • 1 tsp irish moss - (omitted from calculations)

    irish moss

  • Wyeast 3766 Cider

    Wyeast 3766 Cider

    Crisp dry fermenting yeast with big, fruity finish. Creates a nice balance for all types of apples, pears and other fruit or fermentables. Allows fruit character to dominate the profile.


Steep grains to 170-180 degrees F. Swish well % remove bag, allow to drain, DO NOT SQUEEZE BAG! Bring wort to boil and add extracts as normal. Boil time is 1 hour. Add hops as shown. Add Irish moss last 15 minutes of Boil.

Style (BJCP)

Category: 1 - Light Lager

Subcategory: C - Premium American Lager

Range for this Style
Original Gravity: 1.055 1.046 - 1.056
Terminal Gravity: 1.011 1.008 - 1.012
Color: 12.4 SRM 2 - 6
Alcohol: 5.7% ABV 4.6% - 6%
Bitterness: 36.3 IBU 15 - 25



IBUs are off in Recipe

2004-09-25 4:04pm

Even though the IBUs are off on this recipe generator, try brewing it. It's an easy, dead-on ale version of Yuengling. I don't know why it shows the color so darn dark, it comes out perfect. Rob


Cider yeast?

2013-03-11 1:37pm

How does the cider yeast compliment this?

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