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RRI Saison 2

RRI Saison 2

Saison • All Grain • 18 gal


Black Patent instead of christal, added some wheat.

March 4, 2023  01:00pm

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Ingredients (All Grain18 gal)

  • 28 lbs 2-Row Brewers Malt;Briess

    2-Row Brewers Malt;Briess

    Mild malty flavor. Characteristics & Applications: • Base malt for all beer styles • Smoother, less grainy flavor than 6-Row Brewers Malt. • Slightly higher yield than 6-Row Brewers Malt. • Slight lower protein than 6-Row Brewers Malt. • Produced from AMBA/BMBRI recommended 2-Row Malting Barley varieties.

  • 3 lbs Carapils®/Carafoam®;Weyermann®


    German-grown two-row spring barley (2004 harvest). Product Characteristics: Same color rating and brewing characteristics as regular Weyermann Pilsner Malt, except for enhanced foam production, head retention, and fuller body and mouthfeel. Recommended Quantities: Up to 5% of total grain bill for pale/blond beers; up to 40% for Bockbier Suitability (beer styles): Lagers: Pils/Pilsner/Pilsener, all pale to golden lagers, low-alcohol beer, “light“ beer, Bockbier

  • 0.5 lbs Black Barley;Briess

    Black Barley;Briess

    Coffee, Intense Bitter, Dry. Characteristics & Applications: • Black Barley provides the color and rich, sharp flavor which is characteristic of Stouts and some Porters. • Black Barley contributes a dryness to the Stout or Porter. It is not interchangeable with Black Malt. Black Malt may be used in conjunction with Black Barley to achieve the desired color. • Use 3-7% for a dry Porter. • Use 5-15% for a dry Stout • Produced from AMBA/BMBRI recommended 6-Row Malting Barley varieties.

  • 2 lbs White Wheat Malt;Briess

    White Wheat Malt;Briess

    Sweet, malty, wheat, floury flavors. Characteristics & Applications: • Imparts malty flavor not obtainable from raw wheat. • Use with rice hulls to improve lautering and help prevent stuck mash. • White Wheat Malt contributes to foam production and foam stability.

  • 1.8 oz Citra® -13.2 AA% whole; boiled 60 min


    Citra™ is a special aroma hop variety developed by the Hop Breeding Company (a joint venture between John I. Haas, Inc. and Select Botanicals Group, LLC). It was released in 2007. Citra™ has fairly high alpha acids and total oil contents with a low percentage of cohumulone content. The variety imparts interesting citrus and tropical fruit characters to beer.

  • 2 oz Hersbrucker -2.3 AA% whole; boiled 60 min


    Drier, spicier than Hallertauer. Most important aroma variety in Germany.

  • 1 oz Hersbrucker -2.3 AA% whole; boiled 15 min


    Drier, spicier than Hallertauer. Most important aroma variety in Germany.

  • 1oz Bitter Curacao/Bitter Orange (Peel) -15 min (omitted from calculations)

    Bitter Curacao/Bitter Orange (Peel)

    Used in Belgian Wit beers. Add to last 5 minutes of boil.

  • 1oz Corriander crushed -15 min (omitted from calculations)

    Corriander crushed

    Coriander is the seed of Coriandrum sativum, a plant in the parsley family. The seed is ground or crushed. Coriander has a mild, distinctive taste similar to a blend of lemon and sage.

  • 0.25oz Irish Moss -15 min (omitted from calculations)

    Irish Moss

    A dried red-brown marine algae. Fining agent to remove large proteins. Negatively charged polymer attracts positively charged protein-tannin complexes (extracted from grain husks and hops) during the boil. This action is aided by the clumping of proteins in the boiling process. Irish moss settles to the bottom of the brew kettle with spent hops and hot break material at the end of the boil.

  • FermentisT-58Safbrew T-58

    FermentisT-58Safbrew T-58

    Estery, somewhat spicy ale yeast. Solid yeast formation at end of fermentation. Widely used for bottle and cask conditioning. Pitching instructions: Re-hydrate the dry yeast into yeast cream in a stirred vessel prior to pitching. Sprinkle the dry yeast in 10 times its own weight of sterile water or wort at 27C ± 3C. Once the expected weight of dry yeast is reconstituted into cream by this method (this takes about 15 to 30 minutes), maintain a gentle stirring for another 30 minutes. Then pitch the resultant cream into the fermentation vessel. Alternatively, pitch dry yeast directly in the fermentation vessel providing the temperature of the wort is above 20C. Progressively sprinkle the dry yeast into the wort ensuring the yeast covers all the surface of wort available in order to avoid clumps. Leave for 30 minutes and then mix the wort e.g. using aeration.


O.G. 1.061

Style (BJCP)

Category: 25 -Strong Belgian Ale

Subcategory: B -Saison

Range for this Style
Original Gravity: 1.051 1.048 -1.065
Terminal Gravity: 1.004 1.002 -1.008
Color: 13.7 SRM 5 -22
Alcohol: 6.2% ABV 3.5% -9.5%
Bitterness: 35.3 IBU 20 -35


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