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Hawks hefty

Hawks hefty

Dunkles Weissbier • Extract • 5 gal


Just tried this and it’s great

August 22, 2019  09:27pm

5.0/5.0 1 rating

Ingredients (Extract5 gal)

  • 1 lbs American Caramel 40°L

    American Caramel 40°L

    Provides color, a unique flavor, body, and contributes to foam retention and beer stability.

  • .1 lbs Chocolate Malt; Breiss

    Chocolate Malt; Breiss

    Rich roasted coffee flavor. Characteristics & Applications: • Chocolate Malt is used in all beer styles for color adjustment with minor or no flavor contribution. • Use 1-10% for desired color in Porter and Stout Beer. • The chocolate flavor is very complementary when used in higher percentages in Brown Ales, Porters, Stouts and other Dark Beers. • Produced from AMBA/BMBRI recommended 6-Row Malting Barley varieties.

  • 3 lbs Light; John Bull

    Light; John Bull

    Made from Lager malt, it will add body and character to any light brew. Light malt extract will impart rich flavor compounds, ensure an excellent fermentation, and improve the clarity.

  • 3 lbs Dry Wheat; Muntons

    Dry Wheat; Muntons

    Made with a preponderance of wheat malt (55%) for the production of wheat or Weiss beers. Contains no colored malts or hops.

  • 1 oz Goldings - 5.0 AA% whole; boiled 60 min


    Mild. Slightly flowery.

  • Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan Weizen™

    Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan Weizen™

    Unique top-fermenting yeast which produces the unique and spicy weizen character, rich with clove, vanilla and banana. Best results are achieved when fermentations are held around 68F.

Style (BJCP)

Category: 10 - German Wheat Beer

Subcategory: B - Dunkles Weissbier

Range for this Style
Original Gravity: 1.053 1.044 - 1.056
Terminal Gravity: 1.012 1.010 - 1.014
Color: 15.0 SRM 14 - 23
Alcohol: 5.3% ABV 4.3% - 5.6%
Bitterness: 17.6 IBU 10 - 18



Hawks hefty

2019-11-21 7:21am

I brewed this an number of time. I love it as well as my friends.

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