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Holy Leipzig Gose

Holy Leipzig Gose

Gose • All Grain • 6 gal

ST Hops

Great Gose

December 4, 2018  04:00pm

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Ingredients (All Grain6 gal)

  • 6.25 lbs Pale Wheat Malt; Weyermann®

    Pale Wheat Malt; Weyermann®

    German-grown top-quality wheat (2004 harvest). Product Characteristics: Ideal foundation grain for pale Weizenbiers, such as Hefeweizen and Kristallweizen. Essential ingredient in North American pub wheat ales. Adds creaminess, body, and complex wheat flavors to top-fermented beers. Recommended Quantities: Up to 80% in Bavarian-style Weizenbiers, up to 50% in North American pub wheat ales, up to 7% in Altbier and Kölsch. Suitability (beer styles): Ales: Hefeweizen, Kristallweizen, Weizenbock, Dunkelweizen, pub wheat ales, Altbier, Kölsch, light or low-alcohol beers

  • 3.75 lbs German 2-row Pils

    German 2-row Pils

  • 2.5 lbs Acidulated Malt

    Acidulated Malt

    High lactic acid. For lambics, sour mash beers, Irish stout, pilsners and wheats.

  • 0.6 lbs Rice Hulls

    Rice Hulls

    Rice Hulls are used as a filter medium, mostly used in all grain wheat beers to help prevent a stuck mash.

  • 0.8 oz Tettnanger - 3.7 AA% pellets; boiled 60 min


    Mild, slightly spicy. 'Noble'.

  • 1.2 oz Corriander crushed - boil 10 min (omitted from calculations)

    Corriander crushed

    Coriander is the seed of Coriandrum sativum, a plant in the parsley family. The seed is ground or crushed. Coriander has a mild, distinctive taste similar to a blend of lemon and sage.

  • 1 ea Whirlfloc Tablets (Irish moss) - boil 15 min (omitted from calculations)

    Whirlfloc Tablets (Irish moss)

    Enhanced Irish Moss in convenient tablet form

  • Wyeast 1007 German Ale™

    Wyeast 1007 German Ale™

    Ferments dry and crisp, leaving a complex but mild flavor. Produces an extremely rocky head and ferments well down to 55F.


1. Be sure to keep the acidulated malt separate. Do not mill the rice hulls. Dough in all but the acidulated malt using 3.5 gallons of water with a target mash holding temperature of 149 °F (65 °C). Hold the mash temperature for approximately 60 minutes or until the conversion is complete. 2. Add the acidulated malt to the mash with 0.8 Gal 168°F water for an additional 45 minutes. Try to keep the temperature as close to original mash temperature as possible using an available heat source. Anything between 144–149 °F will work. 3. Raise the temperature of the mash to 168 °F and begin sparging with 170 °F water (around 6.7 Gal) until you collect 7.12 gallons of wort in the kettle. 4. The total wort boiling time for this recipe is 60 minutes. At the onset of a full rolling boil, add your scheduled hop addition. When there are 15 minutes remaining in the boil, be sure to add your Irish moss or Whirlfloc® tablet to help with precipitation of the hot break. 5. At 10 minutes remaining, add both the ground coriander seed and the 1 oz salt. 6. Cool the wort to 68 °F, transfer to your fermentation vessel and aerate the wort adequately. 7. Add the contents of your yeast starter to the chilled wort. Ferment around 68 °F until the final gravity is reached, which should be in 5 to 7 days. Rack to a secondary vessel and allow the beer to mature another 5 to 7 days around the same temperature. Your beer is now ready to rack into a keg or bottles along with the priming sugar 8. Note that IBU is 10.23, not 12. 9. You need about 1/3 of headspace in the fermenter. 10. I used 1.33 Q water /lb of grains for mashing and I think my mash was quite thin. Might reconsider to 1.25 or so.

Style (BJCP)

Category: 27 - Historical Beer

Subcategory: - Gose

Range for this Style
Original Gravity: 1.048 1.036 - 1.056
Terminal Gravity: 1.008 1.006 - 1.010
Color: 4.1 SRM 3 - 4
Alcohol: 5.2% ABV 4.2% - 4.8%
Bitterness: 12.6 IBU 5 - 12


ST Hops


2018-12-28 3:23pm

Unfortunately, I did not hit the OG I targeted. I needed to add about 0.6 lb DME to get it to 1.05. Other than that, everything else came out ok so far. The beer is ready for secondary in a week.

ST Hops


2019-02-13 5:47pm

It tastes great. I should have lagered it earlier to make it more crisp. It is quite refreshing. Will make it again.

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