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Max's bijela (my deviant Wit)

Max's bijela (my deviant Wit)

Witbier • All Grain • 12 L

bijela max anomaly wit

It would be wit with a strange colour and some exotic flavours

April 6, 2014 at 12:50pm

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Ingredients (All Grain12 L)

  • 0.5 kg Pilsner Malt; Weyermann

    Pilsner Malt; Weyermann

    German-grown two-row spring barley (2004 harvest). Product Characteristics:Perfect foundation grist for all lagers. Excellent modification and favorable protein and glucan levels. Excellent lautering properties. Provides finished beer with substantial body and mouthfeel, as well as good foam development and head retention. Very flexible grain with high extract efficiency for reliable lager-making in any brew house, including pub ale systems. Yields optimum results for any process⎯from single-step to multi-step infusion, to decoction. Recommended Quantities: Up to 100% of total grain bill. Suitability (beer styles): All lagers, especially Pils/Pilsner/Pilsener, low-alcohol beer, “light“ beer, Belgian beers

  • 0.6 kg White Wheat Malt

    White Wheat Malt

    Weizens. Improves head retention in all beers. Contributes spicy flavor. Protein rest required.

  • 0.5 kg Aromatic Malt (Amber 50); Dingemans

    Aromatic Malt (Amber 50); Dingemans

    Dingemans Aromatic is a mildly kilned malt that will add a strong malt aroma and deep color when used as a specialty malt. This malt can make up to 100% of the grain bill, but it is fairly low in surplus diastatic enzymes.

  • 0.1 kg Crystal 150; Bairds Malt

    Crystal 150; Bairds Malt

    Crystal or Caramel malts have a distinctive toffee flavour, which becomes more intense as colour is increased, and at the higher end of the colour range burnt or roasted malt flavours may begin to appear. Traditionally in the UK, Crystal malt of colour 70 -80 °ASBC has been used at about 5% of the grist to give the characteristic colour and flavour of UK Bitters and Pale Ales. Adjustment of the amount and/or colour of the Crystal malt may brew some very distinctive beers, but this may require some careful experimentation. Crystal malts have been used in the brewing of Lager beers, but considerable care is required to ensure that whilst a distinctive flavour is achieved, the crystal flavour and colour does not become too dominant. In all beers they can help prevent the formation of oxidised (cardboard) flavours.

  • 0.3 kg Oats Flaked

    Oats Flaked

    Belgian White Ale(wit), other specialty beers.

  • 0.3 kg White Table Sugar (Sucrose)

    White Table Sugar (Sucrose)

    Common household table/baking sugar. Lightens flavor and body of beer. Can contribute a cider-like flavor to the beer if not cold-fermented or used in large quantities.

  • 0.3 kg Honey


    Imparts sweet and dry taste. For honey and brown ales. Also: specialty ales.

  • 5 g Challenger - 8.0 AA% pellets; boiled 60 min


    Popular bittering hop used primarily in British ales and lagers. Mild to moderate aroma, but quite spicy.

  • 8 g Goldings - 5.0 AA% pellets; boiled 15 min


    Mild. Slightly flowery.

  • 10 g Sorachi Ace - 12.8 AA% pellets; boiled 1 min

    Sorachi Ace

    Reportedly grown for several years at a Sapporo Breweries Hop Farm in China and exported to Japan and other countries. Sorachi Ace has a unique lemony aroma. Works well with Citra and Simcoe. Ideal for Belgian Saison's or new IPA recipes.

  • 5 g Apricot (preserves) - (omitted from calculations)

    Apricot (preserves)

    Diced apricots cooked with sugar.

  • 5 g Orange Peel (dried) - add 3g coriander (omitted from calculations)

    Orange Peel (dried)

    Has a fragrantt sweet odor and a subtle mild sweetness. One medium orange has about 3 tablespoons of grated peel.

  • White Labs WLP400 Belgian Wit Ale

    White Labs WLP400 Belgian Wit Ale

    Slightly phenolic and tart, this is the original yeast used to produce Wit in Belgium.

Style (BJCP)

Category: 16 - Belgian and French Ale

Subcategory: A - Witbier

Range for this Style
Original Gravity: 1.050 1.044 - 1.052
Terminal Gravity: 1.010 1.008 - 1.012
Color: 13.9 SRM 2 - 4
Alcohol: 5.2% ABV 4.5% - 5.5%
Bitterness: 13.8 IBU 10 - 20


Max ITAbrewer

Little variation

2014-04-09 12:32pm

I'm preparing another version with more wheat. It will be closer to a real wit

Max ITAbrewer


2014-04-11 5:16am

Please, let me know you're feedback. In two weeks I'll go bottling the new version

Max ITAbrewer

just bottled

2014-05-04 6:40pm

...with great results and a few changes. I'll publish the new recipee

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