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Darth Bicho PM

Darth Bicho PM

Sweet Stout • Partial Mash • 20 L


A stout Stout from the dark side, with a sweet core of Biscuit + Chocolate and a balanced bitterness.

April 24, 2013 at 10:04am

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Ingredients (Partial Mash20 L)

  • 1 kg Maris Otter; Crisp

    Maris Otter; Crisp

    An English thoroughbred and a favored choice of malt for many brewers. Simpsons' Maris Otter has a rich and nutty flavor and despite its small, berry size has a strong husk. This malt delivers predictable brewhouse performance with modest, yet consistent extracts. Brewers can expect good runoffs with clear wort.

  • 0.5 kg Chocolate; Crisp

    Chocolate; Crisp

    Roasted malts for ‘winter warmer’ styles. Rich, dark colours with burnt toast dryness.

  • 0.5 kg Biscuit Malt (Mout Roost 50); Dingemans

    Biscuit Malt (Mout Roost 50); Dingemans

    This toasted malt will provide a warm bread or biscuit flavor and aroma and will lend a garnet-brown color. Use 5-15% maximum. No enzymes. Must be mashed with malts having surplus diastatic power.

  • 1.5 kg Liquid Dark Extract

    Liquid Dark Extract

    Used predominantly in the production of dark beers such as milds, browns, porters, and stouts.

  • 0.25 kg Wheat Dry; Brewferm

    Wheat Dry; Brewferm

    Highest quality malt extract powder. Does not contain any proteins.

  • 0.5 kg Dark Brown Sugar

    Dark Brown Sugar

    Imparts rich, sweet flavor. Use in Scottish ales, old ales and holiday beers.

  • 56 g East Kent Goldings - 5.4 AA% whole; boiled 45 min

    East Kent Goldings

    Mild, slightly flowery.

  • 14 g East Kent Goldings - 5.4 AA% whole; boiled 10 min

    East Kent Goldings

    Mild, slightly flowery.

  • 20 g Licorice (root) - (omitted from calculations)

    Licorice (root)

    Adds a flavor similar to anise and fennel. Licorice root contains a substance called glycyrrhizin that is 50 times sweeter than ordinary sugar.

  • Fermentis S-04 Safale S-04

    Fermentis S-04 Safale S-04

    A well-known, commercial English ale yeast, selected for its fast fermentation character and its ability to form a very compact sediment at the end of the fermentation, helping to improve beer clarity. This yeast is recommended for the production of a large range of ale beers and is specially well adapted to cask-conditioned ales and fermentation in cylindro-conical tanks. Sedimentation: high. Final gravity: medium. Pitching instructions: Re-hydrate the dry yeast into yeast cream in a stirred vessel prior to pitching. Sprinkle the dry yeast in 10 times its own weight of sterile water or wort at 27C ± 3C. Once the expected weight of dry yeast is reconstituted into cream by this method (this takes about 15 to 30 minutes), maintain a gentle stirring for another 30 minutes. Then pitch the resultant cream into the fermentation vessel. Alternatively, pitch dry yeast directly in the fermentation vessel providing the temperature of the wort is above 20C. Progressively sprinkle the dry yeast into the wort ensuring the yeast covers all the surface of wort available in order to avoid clumps. Leave for 30 minutes and then mix the wort e.g. using aeration.

Style (BJCP)

Category: 13 - Stout

Subcategory: B - Sweet Stout

Range for this Style
Original Gravity: 1.055 1.044 - 1.060
Terminal Gravity: 1.018 1.012 - 1.024
Color: 34.5 SRM 30 - 40
Alcohol: 4.8% ABV 4% - 6%
Bitterness: 32.3 IBU 20 - 40


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