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Kriegsters Red

Kriegsters Red

Irish Red Ale • All Grain • 10 gal


Another smoked beer. Styled after Irish red but more hops in boil. No flavor or aroma hops.

April 20, 2013 at 10:04am

4.0/5.0 1 rating

Ingredients (All Grain10 gal)

  • 18 lbs American 2-row

    American 2-row

    Yields a slightly higher extract than Six Rox brewers Malt. Tends to give a smoother, less grainy flavored beer. Some brewers claim they can detect a significant difference in flavor. Lower protein and will yield a lower color than Six-Row Brewers Malt

  • 1.5 lbs American Caramel 120°L

    American Caramel 120°L

    Provides color, a unique flavor, body, and contribures to foam retention and beer stability. Gives a pronounced to sharp caramel flavor and a deep red color.

  • .5 lbs Smoked Malt; Weyermann

    Smoked Malt; Weyermann

    German-grown two-row spring barley (2004 harvest). Product Characteristics: Unique in the world. Initially formulated specifically for the traditional Bamberg Rauchbier (Bamberg Smoked Beer). Can be used for any kind of lager or ale with a complex flavor. Carefully dried over hot, smoky ambers of well-aged beech wood to achieve characteristic smoky flavor, while preserving relatively pale color. Suitable for beers of all strengths, from “regular” to Märzen to Doppelbock. Recommended Quantities: Up to 100% of total grain bill. Suitability (beer styles): Lagers: Bamberg-style Rauchbier, unfiltered barley-based lagers. Ales: Alaskan smoked, Scottish

  • 2.1 oz Brewers Gold - 10.1 AA% whole; boiled 90 min

    Brewers Gold

    Sibling of and similar to Bullion only maturing earlier and more disease resistant. English/wild Canadian cross. Pungent English character. very poor

  • Wyeast 1272 American Ale II™

    Wyeast 1272 American Ale II™

    Fruitier and more flocculant than 1056, slightly nutty, soft, clean, slightly tart finish.


Smoked malt is beechwood smoked. Mashed 60 min @68C

Style (BJCP)

Category: 9 - Scottish and Irish Ale

Subcategory: D - Irish Red Ale

Range for this Style
Original Gravity: 1.051 1.044 - 1.060
Terminal Gravity: 1.011 1.010 - 1.014
Color: 14.5 SRM 9 - 18
Alcohol: 5.1% ABV 4% - 6%
Bitterness: 49.7 IBU 17 - 28



Hop bitterness and smoke comes through but not harsh

2013-05-04 4:35pm

Nice maltiness balanced with hop and smoke. tapped after week of kegging. Needs for some maturity.

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