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New Albion's Original Ale

New Albion's Original Ale

American Pale Ale • All Grain • 5 gal


Brewing this soon for the holidays.

November 7, 2012 at 09:35pm

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Ingredients (All Grain5 gal)

  • 11 lbs Premium 2-Row Malt; Great Western

    Premium 2-Row Malt; Great Western

    Our most popular base malt, perfect for all beer styles, especially American ales and lagers. With moderate protein and enzyme levels and a very clean, smooth finish, our Premium 2-Row Malt is ideal for all-malt beers and for mashes containing moderate levels of adjunct.

  • .7 oz Cascade - 5.5 AA% pellets; boiled 60 min


    Spicy with citrus notes. Slightly grapefruity.

  • .7 oz Cascade - 5.5 AA% pellets; boiled 39 min


    Spicy with citrus notes. Slightly grapefruity.

  • .7 oz Cascade - 5.5 AA% pellets; boiled 15 min


    Spicy with citrus notes. Slightly grapefruity.

  • White Labs WLP013 London Ale

    White Labs WLP013 London Ale

    Dry, malty ale yeast. Provides a complex, oakey ester character to your beer. Hop bitterness comes through well. This yeast is well suited for classic British pale ales, bitters, and stouts. Does not flocculate as much as WLP002 and WLP005.


Mash at 148 deg for 1 hr. Sparge at 170 deg to collect 6 gallons. Follow hop schedule for 1/3 additions. Original recipe was around 28 to 32 IBU's. A simple yet complex drinkable beer that started the craft brewing craze we enjoy today. You can listen to Jack McAuliffe share his recipe on Basicbrewing.com. Enjoy and Cheers to Jack!

Style (BJCP)

Category: 10 - American Ale

Subcategory: A - American Pale Ale

Range for this Style
Original Gravity: 1.055 1.045 - 1.060
Terminal Gravity: 1.013 1.010 - 1.015
Color: 4.4 SRM 5 - 14
Alcohol: 5.6% ABV 4.5% - 6%
Bitterness: 38.2 IBU 30 - 45



Bottling day

2012-11-27 8:40pm

Bottled this over the weekend. The WLP013 was slow to clear during primary, but cleared well after 7 days in secondary. I am pleasantly surprised of how great this tastes and smells before carbonation. I followed James Spencer's advice and increased hop additions to 1oz. This may be my new house beer. Should be ready for Christmas. Cheers everyone!


New Albion

2012-12-03 5:02pm

I got to try this at the GABF and I also followed Jack's recipe as given to James. I also upped the hops to 1oz. Waiting for my fresh hop to finish and New Albion is on tap. I rode in the same shuttle with Jack on the way to the airport - capped the GABF.


tasting day

2012-12-16 7:20pm

Today I was finally able to sample this fine beer. It was very smooth and crisp. Perfectly carbonated with a nice lacey head. The cascades are pleasant from start to finish. Not over powering and keeps me wanting more. Now I know why this recipe worked so well for Jack by introducing beer drinkers to a beer with real flavor and aroma. It was a product that just wasn't avalable at the time. This is definitely a great homebrew recipe to keep on rotation to introduce your friends and family to a fantastic beer that you can proudly call your own. Cheers!

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