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After Sunset Colorado

After Sunset Colorado

Belgian Dark Strong Ale • All Grain • 5 gal


Brewed a belgian dark using colorado base grain.

September 17, 2011 at 04:53pm

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Ingredients (All Grain5 gal)

  • 11.1 lbs Belgian Pale

    Belgian Pale

    Fully modified and is easily converted.

  • 2.8 lbs Belgian Munich

    Belgian Munich

    Used to increase malt aroma and body with slightly more color.

  • 0.75 lbs Belgian Special B

    Belgian Special B

  • 0.5 lbs Belgian Caramunich

    Belgian Caramunich

    Caramel, full flavor, copper color. For Belgian ales, German smoked and bocks.

  • 0.36 lbs Belgian Caravienne

    Belgian Caravienne

    Belgian light crystal malt. Used in lighter Abbey or Trappist style ales.

  • 1 lbs Wheat Flaked

    Wheat Flaked

    Belgian White Ale(wit), other specialty beers.

  • 1.25 lbs White Table Sugar (Sucrose)

    White Table Sugar (Sucrose)

    Common household table/baking sugar. Lightens flavor and body of beer. Can contribute a cider-like flavor to the beer if not cold-fermented or used in large quantities.

  • 1 oz Northern Brewer - 7.5 AA% pellets; boiled 45 min

    Northern Brewer

    Used for bittering with strong flavors and very fragrant in steam beers, dark English ales, and German lagers. Aroma is medium-strong with evergreen and mint overtones.

  • White Labs WLP570 Belgian Golden Ale

    White Labs WLP570 Belgian Golden Ale

    From East Flanders, versatile yeast that can produce light Belgian ales to high gravity Belgian beers (12% ABV). A combination of fruitiness and phenolic characteristics dominate the flavor profile. Some sulfur is produced during fermentation, which will


Brew in the bag, ended up being very belgium with a large amount of grain and small amount of water. Slow ramped this over 3 hours to 150 degrees. Single sparge. Added 3 Cups table sugar to the boil. WLP570 is second generation, saved from a friends duval clone. Initial Gravity of 1.094 One Week Gravity 1.034, moved into secondary. Taste is strong on cloves, very nice. After 3 weeks in Secondary bottled with 5oz corn sugar. Final Gravity 1.020.

Style (BJCP)

Category: 18 - Belgian Strong Ale

Subcategory: E - Belgian Dark Strong Ale

Range for this Style
Original Gravity: 1.094 1.075 - 1.110
Terminal Gravity: 1.016 1.010 - 1.024
Color: 21.4 SRM 12 - 22
Alcohol: 10.3% ABV 8% - 11%
Bitterness: 27.4 IBU 20 - 35



Needed to age

2012-09-17 11:13am

This beer was really good, but it needed to age to mellow. Unfortunately as it aged it continued to carbonate and bottle bombs erupted. Will brew again except with 1-3 more months in the carboy before bottling.

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