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Midnight Lager

Midnight Lager

Schwarzbier (Black Beer) • All Grain • 5 gal


Brewed 11/23/10. This is a truly "black" lager!.

November 22, 2010 at 01:14pm

5.0/5.0 1 rating

Ingredients (All Grain5 gal)

  • 7 lbs Pilsner Malt (Organic); Weyermann

    Pilsner Malt (Organic); Weyermann

    Pilsner Malt is produced from German grown two-row Spring barley from certified organic cultivation. All Weyermann Specialty Malts are produced according to the strict “German Purity Law“. Weyermann does not use any genetically manipulated materials.

  • 1 lbs Munich 10L Malt (Organic); Briess

    Munich 10L Malt (Organic); Briess

    Robust malty flavor. Characteristics & Applications: • Sufficient enzymes for self-conversion in most mash programs. • Provides a smooth yet pronounced malty flavor plus sweetness. • Great in bock beers! • Produced from AMBA/BMBRI recommended 2-Row Malting Barley varieties.

  • .5 lbs Extra Special Malt; Briess

    Extra Special Malt; Briess

    Burnt sugar, woody, prune flavors. Characteristics & Applications: • Provides distinctive flavors associated with darker, high gravity beers like Doppelbock. • Can be used to enhance standard or lighter gravity beers to provide a richer, more complex flavor profile. • Special processing develops unique Burnt Sugar, Woody, Prune flavors distinctive to Extra Special Malt. • Produced from AMBA/BMBRI recommended 2-Row Malting Barley varieties.

  • .5 lbs Chocolate Malt (Organic); Breiss

    Chocolate Malt (Organic); Breiss

    Rich roasted coffee flavor. Characteristics & Applications: • Chocolate Malt is used in all beer styles for color adjustment with minor or no flavor contribution. • Use 1-10% for desired color in Porter and Stout Beer. • The chocolate flavor is very complementary when used in higher percentages in Brown Ales, Porters, Stouts and other Dark Beers. • Produced from AMBA/BMBRI recommended 6-Row Malting Barley varieties.

  • .75 lbs 2-Row Black Malt; Briess

    2-Row Black Malt; Briess

    Neutral flavor. Characteristics & Applications: Use in all beer styles for color adjustment. Provides the color and sharp, almost acrid, flavor that is characteristic of Stouts and Porters. Use 1-10% for desired color in Porter and Stout. Black Malt has a distinctive malty flavor and is not interchangeable with Roasted Barley. Produced from AMBA/BMBRI recommended 6-Row Malting Barley varieties.

  • .5 lbs Roasted Barley; Briess

    Roasted Barley; Briess

    Intensely bitter coffee flavor. Characteristics & Applications: • Use 3-7% for coffee flavor in Porter and Stout • Use 2-5% in Nut Brown Ales. • Use Chocolate Malt or Black Malt in combination with Roasted Barley to obtain desired color. • Produced from AMBA/BMBRI recommended 6-Row Malting Barley varieties.

  • .55 oz Hallertauer Tradition - 6.3 AA% pellets; boiled 60 min

    Hallertauer Tradition

    Fine, 'Noble'.

  • .5 oz Hallertauer Hersbrucker - 3.5 AA% pellets; boiled 20 min

    Hallertauer Hersbrucker

    Mild to strong. 'Noble'.

  • .5 oz Spalt Spalter - 5.2 AA% whole; boiled 5 min

    Spalt Spalter

    Mild, slightly spicy. 'Noble'.

  • 1 tsp Irish Moss - Last 20 Min (omitted from calculations)

    Irish Moss

    A dried red-brown marine algae. Fining agent to remove large proteins. Negatively charged polymer attracts positively charged protein-tannin complexes (extracted from grain husks and hops) during the boil. This action is aided by the clumping of proteins in the boiling process. Irish moss settles to the bottom of the brew kettle with spent hops and hot break material at the end of the boil.

  • Wyeast 2124 Bohemian Lager™

    Wyeast 2124 Bohemian Lager™

    A pilsner yeast from the Weihenstephen. Ferments clean and malty, with rich residual maltiness in full gravity pilsners.


Mash with 3 3/4 G (168°F) and mash @ 150-152°F for 45-50 min, sparge with 3.5G 170°F for 25-30min. Boil 60 min. Use 1 tsp Irish Moss last 20 min. Ferment @ 46-50°F for 6 Wks.

Style (BJCP)

Category: 4 - Dark Lager

Subcategory: C - Schwarzbier (Black Beer)

Range for this Style
Original Gravity: 1.049 1.046 - 1.052
Terminal Gravity: 1.013 1.010 - 1.016
Color: 33.5 SRM 17 - 30
Alcohol: 4.8% ABV 4.4% - 5.4%
Bitterness: 22.0 IBU 22 - 32



A great Black Lager!

2012-11-21 9:50pm

Smooth black lager - it might make a believer out of even a light beer drinker.

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