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Stolen Rouge

Stolen Rouge

Belgian Golden Strong Ale • Extract • 5 gal


Just made this monster. I'm going to let it primary for three weeks, secondary for 3 weeks, and tertiary on the 9 pounds of cherries for a month before letting it sit in the bottles for 6 months while I am away. It should be an amazing welcome home present!

October 1, 2010 at 11:27pm

4.0/5.0 1 rating

Ingredients (Extract5 gal)

  • .25 lbs Belgian Munich

    Belgian Munich

    Used to increase malt aroma and body with slightly more color.

  • .125 lbs Honey Malt

    Honey Malt

    Nutty honey flavor. For brown ales, Belgian wheats, bocks and many other styles.

  • .25 lbs Belgian Biscuit

    Belgian Biscuit

    Warm baked biscuit flavor and aroma. Increases body. Use in Belgian beers.

  • 10 lbs Premier Gold Liquid

    Premier Gold Liquid

    A light- to medium-bodied lager or ale of yellow to gold color.

  • 1 lbs Honey


    Imparts sweet and dry taste. For honey and brown ales. Also: specialty ales.

  • 2 lbs Candi Sugar Clear

    Candi Sugar Clear

    Smooth taste, good head retention, sweet aroma and high gravity without being apparent. Use in Belgian and holiday ales. Use clear for tripels, amber for dubbels, and dark is used in brown beer and strong golden ales.

  • .75 lbs Invert Sugar

    Invert Sugar

    Increases alcohol. Use in some Belgian or English ales. Made from sucrose & is 5-10% less fermentable than sucrose. Does not contain dextrins.

  • 2 oz Styrian Goldings - 6.0 AA% pellets; boiled 30 min

    Styrian Goldings

    Mild, pleasant.

  • .5 oz Saaz - 5.0 AA% pellets; boiled 2 min


    Used for finishing pilseners, continental lagers, and wheats. The aroma is spicy and pleasant with fragrant overtones.

  • 9 lb Cherries (pureed) - (omitted from calculations)

    Cherries (pureed)

    Cherries are shiney red to purple, plumb shaped fruits. A distant relative of the plumb.

  • 1 oz Orange Peel (dried) - (omitted from calculations)

    Orange Peel (dried)

    Has a fragrantt sweet odor and a subtle mild sweetness. One medium orange has about 3 tablespoons of grated peel.

  • White Labs WLP550 Belgian Ale

    White Labs WLP550 Belgian Ale

    Saisons, Belgian Ales, Belgian Reds, Belgian Browns, and White beers are just a few of the classic Belgian beer styles that can be created with this yeast strain. Phenolic and spicy flavors dominate the profile, with less fruitiness then WLP500.

Style (BJCP)

Category: 18 - Belgian Strong Ale

Subcategory: D - Belgian Golden Strong Ale

Range for this Style
Original Gravity: 1.106 1.070 - 1.095
Terminal Gravity: 1.016 1.005 - 1.016
Color: 14.6 SRM 3 - 6
Alcohol: 12.1% ABV 7.5% - 10.5%
Bitterness: 27.1 IBU 22 - 35



just a comment

2010-10-02 5:00pm

Sounds awesome! Please post you're first taste.



2010-10-21 6:42pm

I moved this beer into a secondary with a fresh dose of yeast last night. It smelled great and I can't wait for it to be done... in about 8 months


Very good, just not what I was expecting...

2011-08-02 2:09pm

The beer came out very good but not very cherry, like Kasteel Rouge. It has a fruity flavor to it but not overly so. With that being said if I pored it for you in a glass and said try this (like I have for a few of my buddies) you would probably like like it a lot, they all said it was very good and really liked the flavor. It's got a great body to it and a dark red color. If you plan to brew this, two things I would strongly recommend are make sure the cherries you use are puree not chunks and use more than I did, possibly use more juice also. More on the beer... It has a great head, good mouth feel, good nose and great taste. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

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