BeerBot Brewing Software for Mac and PC

December 30, 2005 at 8:00am

Author(s): Jeff Fowler, Lathe Poland

Among many projects taking place here at BeerTools, BeerBot marks a new and exciting direction. The tether that currently binds, namely the internet is slowly starting to loosen. By means of BeerBot, Mac and PC users the world over now have access to BeerTools for commonly performed brewing tasks.

BeerBot brewing software hop utilization tabSmall but powerful

Although BeerBot has a small footprint, it packs a powerful set of calculation tools. BeerBot fully utilizes reverse calculation techniques. This means that you can change any value and all related values update to reflect the change. For example, let's say you calculate that 100 grams of priming sugar will produce 2.18 volumes of CO2. As an alternative, it may be more beneficial to calculate how much priming sugar is needed to obtain the desired level of CO2. If you want 2 volumes of CO2, type 2 in the Volumes CO2 field and the priming sugar field updates to reflect how much priming sugar is needed for your desired quantity of CO2. This method of reverse calculation is used throughout all of the calculators in BeerBot and is a powerful feature lacking on many other brewing programs available today.

Impress your friends…

The Color tab in BeerBot isn't simply going to give you a flat swatch of color, Now you can picture what your beer might look a glass...ready to drink! Need to see it in EBC instead? Our friends in Europe just click the SRM value and it switches to the European brewing convention method. (We think this is a fun feature.) Bot also has a full brewing glossary built into the help section, so quick...what is a "Faro" or a "Firkin". Now you can impress your friends with your technical knowledge of beer and brewing "lingo". As you can see BeerBot has a lot under the hood. Think of BeerBot as the Swiss Army Knife of brewing applications.

BeerBot brewing software color tabBeerBot tells you what you need to know

Now brewers can quickly have the answers they need when in the midst of the brewing cycle. Need to make a unit conversion quickly? Or predict the optimum strike temperature for your one or two step infusion mash? Or figure how much runoff you can expect from your 3 gallon sparge? Or visualize the effects of your high gravity wort on hop utilization? Or determine how much glucose is required to match the carbonation of your favorite international style? BeerBot will tell you what you need to know.

- Unit conversion of 14 types of measurement including Color, Concentration, Diastatic Power, Duration, Energy, Gravity, Heat Capacity, Length, Mash Thickness, Mass, Pressure, Priming Rate, Temperature, and Volume.
- A color feature is useful in visualizing the approximate color of a beverage in units SRM or EBC.
- A suite of Mash calculators makes it a breeze to determine strike temperature and infusion rates.
- The %Util. tab is a sophisticated graphical hop utilization plotter which considers such factors as wort density and boil length.
- The SG tab makes quick work of hydrometer reading correction, and conversion of refractometer readings before and after fermentation.
- %Atten. gives the details of your yeast performance.
- Also included is a set of tools to take the mystery out of beer carbonation when priming or using forced CO2.

BeerBot brewing software mash tab infusion rateRequirements:
BeerBot runs on Macintosh computers with Mac OS X 10.2 or greater, and 256MB of RAM or more. The PC Version requires Windows 98/NT/2000/XP or greater, with 256MB of RAM or more. BeerBot requires a license to be fully enabled; otherwise it runs in demo mode and is functionally restricted. In demo mode the Color, Mash and %Util. tabs are disabled.

Mac Software Logo
Go to download page for Mac:
BeerBot 1.0 for Mac OS X (2.4 MB)

XP Software Logo
Go to download page for Windows:
BeerBot 1.0 for Windows 98/NT/2000/XP (2.8 MB)

Mac Installation Instructions:
1. Click the "BeerBot 1.0 for Mac OS X" link above
2. If prompted click "Download".
3. Find the file "BeerBot1.0.sit" and double-click to extract.
4. Once the files have been extracted, move the ENTIRE folder entitled "BeerBot1.0" to your applications folder.

PC Installation Instructions:
1. Click the "BeerBot 1.0 for Windows 98/NT/2000/XP" link above
2. When prompted click "Save" and choose a directory to save the zip file.
3. Go to the directory where you saved the "" file and double-click it. You will have to extract the files to a directory, (it can be the same one you are currently in).
4. Once the files have been extracted, simply double-click the "BeerBot.exe" file to start the application.

For more pictures of both the Mac and PC versions of BeerBot...scroll down.

BeerBot brewing software attenuation tab

BeerBot brewing software mash tab infusion rate

BeerBot brewing software attenuation tab

BeerBot brewing software mash tab infusion rate

BeerBot brewing software attenuation tab

BeerBot brewing software mash tab infusion rate