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Belgian Dubbel • Partial Mash • 60 L

Rava Strong Ale

Will use Ireks malt extract

December 7, 2012 at 06:10am

5.0/5.0 1 rating

Ingredients (Partial Mash60 L)

  • 2 kg Munich 25 EBC Malt; Castle Malting

    Munich 25 EBC Malt; Castle Malting

    Features: Belgian specialty malt of Münich type. Kilned up to 100-105°C. Usage: Pale ale, amber, brown, strong and dark beers, Bocks. Recommended proportion: up to 60%. Characteristics: Rich, golden malt. Provides a modest colour increase toward a nice, golden orange colour. Adds a pronounced grainy malty flavour to many beer styles without affecting the foam stability and body. Is also used in small quantities in combination with Pilsen 2RS to produce light colour beers improving the malty flavour and giving a richer colour. Enhances the taste of character beers.

  • 1 kg Biscuit Malt; Castle Malting

    Biscuit Malt; Castle Malting

    Features: Unique and very special Belgian malt. Lightly kilned, then lightly torrefied up to 160°C. Usage: All special beers and as well for English ales, brown ales and porters. Recommended proportion: up to 15% of the grist. Characteristics: Biscuit malt produces a very pronounced "toasty" finish in the beer. Imparts a warm bread and biscuit like aroma and flavour. Biscuit Malt promotes a light to medium warm brown colour to the mash. This malt is used to improve the roasted flavour and aroma that characterize ales and lagers lending the subtle properties of black and chocolate malts. No enzymes. Must be mashed with malts having a surplus of diastatic power.

  • 0.5 kg CastleCrystal® Malt; Castle Malting

    CastleCrystal® Malt; Castle Malting

    Features: Distinct Belgian aromatic malt with special caramelization developed by Castle Malting®. Particular germination process. Caramelized in several steps to develop a unique aroma and flavour. Usage: Aromatic and coloured beers. Perfect for any beer in which high profile malt is required.Excellent choice for Belgian ales and German bock beer styles. Characteristics: This caramel-copper coloured malt provides a rich malt flavour and aroma to amber and dark lager beers. Compared to other traditional coloured malts, CastleCrystal® has an even stronger Diastatic Power and imparts a smoother bitterness.

  • 0.4 kg Cara 120 EBC Malt; Castle Malting

    Cara 120 EBC Malt; Castle Malting

    Features: Belgian caramel malt. High temperature of germination. Taste development at up to 220°C, intense aroma. Usage: Light, with little or no alcohol, white, Abbey or Trappiste type beers. Recommended proportion: up to 20% of the grist. Characteristics: Caramel malt imparts a rich, caramel-sweet aroma and unique toffee-like flavour, adding golden to light amber colour to beer. A distinguishing characteristic of all Caramel malts is glassiness. This glassy endosperm creates the desirable non-fermentable components that give true Caramel Malt the ability to contribute mouth feel, foam, foam retention, and extended beer stability.

  • 7.5 kg Liquid Amber Extract

    Liquid Amber Extract

    Amber is used predominantly in the production of medium-colored beers such as pale ales, IPAs, and bitters.

  • 2 kg Candi Sugar Amber

    Candi Sugar Amber

    Smooth taste, good head retention, sweet aroma and high gravity without being apparent. Use in Belgian and holiday ales. Use clear for tripels, amber for dubbels, and dark is used in brown beer and strong golden ales.

  • 0.5 kg Oats Flaked

    Oats Flaked

    Belgian White Ale(wit), other specialty beers.

  • 75 g Styrian Goldings - 4.2 AA% pellets; boiled 60 min

    Styrian Goldings

    Mild, pleasant.

  • 45 g Styrian Goldings - 4.2 AA% pellets; boiled 10 min

    Styrian Goldings

    Mild, pleasant.

  • Wyeast 1214 Belgian Abbey™

    Wyeast 1214 Belgian Abbey™

    Abbey-style top-fermenting yeast, suitable for high-gravity beers. Estery.

Style (BJCP)

Category: 18 - Belgian Strong Ale

Subcategory: B - Belgian Dubbel

Range for this Style
Original Gravity: 1.064 1.062 - 1.075
Terminal Gravity: 1.012 1.008 - 1.018
Color: 19.6 SRM 10 - 17
Alcohol: 6.9% ABV 6% - 7.6%
Bitterness: 18.3 IBU 15 - 25


Rava Strong Ale

Brewed it

2012-12-15 7:23am

I did it yesterday. What a coulor. What a smell. What a taste. If yeast does what it does, that will be a nice beer. Now fermenting at 20°C

Rava Strong Ale


2013-01-23 12:34pm

Best beer I ever brew

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