When siphoning is complete, the bottling bucket is placed on a countertop or location high above the floor. In the set up to the right, a low crate or small table is used to place the clean empty bottles in position for filling. Attach a length of sanitized siphon hose to the spigot, and insert the bottle filler in the end of the siphon hose. Using a bottle filler is strongly recommended, and it’s cost is minimal compared to the agony it saves. When the bottle filler is in place, the spigot valve may be opened.
To fill the bottles, simply insert the bottle filler to the bottom of each bottle. The bottle filler used here has a little plunger at the tip which activates a small valve inside the filler when it contacts the bottom of the bottle. This way the beer will only flow when the filler is inserted all the way into the bottle.

It is helpful to have a friend remove the filled bottles and replace them with empty ones while you are filling them.

Leave about 1 to 1-1/2 in. (3-4 cm.) of head space in each bottle. This air space is necessary, and without it the beer will not carbonate.