BeerTools Pro is Coming to a Brewery Near You

August 11, 2006 at 12:00pm

Author(s): Jeff Fowler, Lathe Poland

BeerTools Pro Beta
GlassAfter two weeks of testing BeerTools Pro is shaping up to be the brewing application of choice for many home brewers. While it is still under development its core features are exceeding expectations. Here are a few examples...

Right before your eyes
The first thing you will notice about BeerTools Pro (BTP) is how visually appealing it is. BTP isn't just another pretty face thou. You will quickly realize how informative and educational it is to use. The instant you add an ingredient to the recipe window you see BTP come alive. The glass of beer in the upper right corner begins to gain color. Display graphs showing proportion, gravity, utilization and alpha acid spring to life. Some brewing applications give the impression that high-end brewing software needs to be hard to understand. With BTP the opposite is true. An elegant and easy to understand interface is your window to truly sophisticated brewing tools. At a glance learn about how ingredients effect your recipe...SEE the color change when adding the grain...SEE the bitterness increase as you lengthen the boil time of your hops. BTP Main Window

In Style
One of the features that many brewers have appreciated about BeerTools Online (BTO) is the ability to brew to style. This is also true with BTP the application. As you add and edit ingredients the style tab dynamically updates to tell you how close you are to the desired style. This is also handy if you have no idea what style you are making. Simply click the style arrows to the left or right and watch the style guidlines change. This also has a very educational effect...very quickly you will discover what makes a Brown Porter different from a Robust Porter. BTP does the work of collecting the information and presenting it to you in an easy to understand format.

Analyze this!
The analysis tab gives a brewer the information they need to know when they need to know it...INSTANTLY! In addition to OG/TG readings, you will know the estimated calories, carbs, and protein.

Ingredients Galore
BTP comes with a massive Database of over 700 ingredients. BTP has nearly 300 grains, 50 extracts, 11 adjuncts, 71 hops, 158 kinds of yeast, and 146 special ingredients. Style guidelines for 80 kinds of beer are an integral part of the application as well. Of course you have the ability to customize any ingredient and add as many more as you would like. This means you can spend more time actually brewing, instead of wasting time looking for data on ingredients and manually entering it in.
Curve Editor

Mash Schedule
The mash schedule in BTP is designed to be logical and informative. With a simple click of the display menu you can organize the stages of your mash schedule. Interactive graphs display data by temperature, volume, or a combined view.

Learning curves
The ability to customize hop utilization is a good example of how powerful this application really is. While the defaults built into BTP are very good, many brewers have preferred utilization methods. Use a standard method or build your own...the choice is yours. Simply drag the control points on the scale and you will have you very own custom utilization setting.

Water water from everywhere
The water chemistry tools include a database of over 100 bottled and public water supplies from around the globe. Use this information to match your water to the famous water profiles of the world, or simply make your water more suitable for brewing.

5,000+ Recipes "right out of the box"
BeerTools Pro can connect to the BeerTools online recipe database. This means users can download over 5,000 recipes right into BTP.

More to come...
We have commited to the features that will be included in the V1 Build. Our more then 300 Mac and PC beta members are testing some of the final additions to the feature set.. If you have questions or comments about BTP please drop us an e-mail. Click HERE if you want to be notified when we launch BTP (be sure the subject line contains "BTP Release Date").