Phase 50

April 24, 2003 at 11:40am

Author(s): Lathe Poland

In a BeerTools planning meeting about five years ago we came up with an idea that we nicknamed "Phase 50". At the time, the GOLD tools were just an idea that we were developing. Very little of the site looked like it does now. We had many ideas about what we wanted BeerTools to become, but had to be realistic about what it would take to make them happen. Therefore, we instituted the "Phase Schedule". GOLD was phase 14; the forum was phase 27, and so on.

In that meeting five years ago, we came to the realization that the recipe database was going to become the center of the BeerTools community. People would come in search of recipes and either find the recipe they were looking for, or by means of the tools, create the recipe. It seemed like a good idea to us that at some future date, users would be able to click a "Buy this Kit" button next to their desired recipe. They would then be able to buy the ingredient kits for popular recipes in the database. This idea was a long way off. It was so far into the future that we dubbed the idea "Phase 50".

After many late nights of brain storming and programing, we have now completed phase 49 at This is an exciting moment for us! We are now at the point where we are capable of offering kits for various recipes in the database. At the time of the posting of this article, we are testing recipes in the system to ensure reliability.

The Future is NOW!
Although it will start out slowly at first, in the near future we hope that new recipe kits will be added on a weekly basis. We hope to hear from our users about which recipes they would like to see available. Our goal in this new endeavor is not to exclude your local homebrew supplier, but actually partner up with them. We anticipate that this will be a way for merchants in the homebrewing community to be part of a healthy, thriving homebrewing marketplace.

If this is something that appeals to you, let us know what recipes you would like to see kits for. Additionally you should let your local supply shop know about BeerTools' desire to expand their customer base. This looks to be a great way for users to get what they need to make their favorite beer. This will make it possible for you to focus on the art and science that is homebrewing, instead of the hassle of chasing down ingredients.