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Water Chemistry Ingredients Print

Posted: Fri Nov 22, 2019 1:01 pm
by brewnet
Water chemistry appears in the Ingredients section when I print or export the recipe. I see my source Water Profile + added Mineral Salts as ingredients. Good so far. However, when I share my recipe, nobody else knows my measured municipal water source (the "starting" profile before adjusting). Can BTP include the resulting ion *totals* as well as my ingredient additions? It should be close to the target ions, but who actually knows what "Achouffe, Belgium" actually represents? "Ion Totals" are more universally understood, and they're already included in the Water Component Browser table.
Also, why is there not an optimizer algorithm for water chemistry? We select the target, we create/save the municipal supply starting water profile, we know the potential adjustment ingredients. Seems like there ought to be a simple linear programming engine to handle this. Why do I have to manually fiddle with it until it looks about right? A recommendation for water chemistry additions would be a helpful time saver. Thank you.