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Foamy Keg

Post by ardentmonk » Fri Jul 18, 2014 4:37 am

Hello, first post for me, though I've been brewing beer,mead, wine & cider since "06. I just wanted to spread the gospel a bit.
I started kegging in April in an effort to maximize time with my little family. I'd like to save folks some trouble when I can.

I had 2 kegs function well but my 3rd was a GPils and I could not get it to pour right, it was 50/50 that settled down to 70/30 beer:foam. I degassed the keg repeatedly thinking it was over carbonated at 38*F + 12 PSI. My 2 other kegs ( an Oatmeal stout & a Hefe) poured fine at the same PSI from the beginning but the pils made a sucking sound and had air in the line.
*This was the first sign that it was not C02 break out. The line should hold the pressure like the keg and if excess Co2 was the issue then after the cobra tap it would exhibit the symptom provided the temps stayed the same.

*The second sign was around week 1 it was only connected to the gas and leaked about a pint of beer in my keggerator. I first made my own pin lock socket by modifying an extra socket then tightened the post more. It troubled me for about three weeks then I replaced the beer dip tube o ring and the poppet valve which instantly solved the problem. The kegs were not reconditioned and I was using as much of the seals over that didn't smell like orange soda.

The poppet was not making a good seal with the Quick Disconnect so it was pulling air into my line with the beer or leaking when no QD was attached. Hardware is cheap compared to labor and serves me well so $4.25 was a nice easy fix.

I hope to save someone from self doubt, my mom was a teacher what can I say.

To test your used kegs after reconditioning them put water/sanitizer into them and run the regulator up to 15 PSI and let them sit for a week without attaching any beer out lines, if leaks you won't lose any of your hard earned brews.
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Re: Foamy Keg

Post by slothrob » Fri Jul 18, 2014 6:25 am

Good detective work!
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