Should I wait to bottle if I still see bubbling in 2ndary?

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Should I wait to bottle if I still see bubbling in 2ndary?

Post by micahwitham » Fri Mar 04, 2011 9:20 am

Making a Magic Hat #9 Clone and I've had pretty active fermentation in my secondary glass carboy. It's definitely gone done in the past few days but there's still a little bubbling left going on.
Wondering If I should wait until that's done to bottle. Terminal Gravity is where it should be for this batch at 1.010-1.015 starting at 1.050.
This recipe also calls for apricot puree in the secondary and it's my first try with any add ins at the secondary.

Thx for any help on this.

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bubbling and bottling

Post by slothrob » Fri Mar 04, 2011 8:04 pm

You definitely want the fermentation to finish before you bottle. If the beer continues to ferment wort sugars in the bottle, in addition to the priming sugar you'll add, you'll get over carbonated bottles. This might only cause the beer to be a little over carbonated or perhaps gush out the neck when opened, but it could lead to exploding bottles, which can be very dangerous.

I prefer to leave the beer in the primary until the fermentation is complete, where the larger mass of yeast can help speed up the final stages of fermentation. I also try to allow a few extra days after fermentation is complete to give the yeast time to clean up the fermentation byproducts.
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