One Step Sanitizer

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One Step Sanitizer

Post by HardcoreLegend » Sun Nov 03, 2002 1:25 pm

Hello Brewers! I've got a question about the cleaner I've been using for my homebrew gearstuffs. I've been using "One Step" no rinse cleaner for a long time now. It says that it "cleans with oxygen". It does not say on the packaging or at the company's website what the actual chemical in this item is. I am wondering if it is the same as the other oxygen cleaners that are so popular these days at the store. The store bought varieties are all the same chemical composition, sodium percarbonate and sodium carbonate. Does anyone know what is in the "One Step"? They look very similar in consistency to the eye. Thanks!

Pale Ale
Pale Ale
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No clue...

Post by stouts » Sun Nov 03, 2002 5:38 pm

I have no idea but i would rather buy the recommended cleaners (known to work) from the brewshops , then try a different one and contaminate a batch myself...

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Light Lager
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"One Step" And Hydrogen Peroxide

Post by Brad » Sat Nov 09, 2002 6:58 am

I'm not sure what the chemicals in one step are but I have been using as a sanitizer for years with no problems. I recently recieved this from the Northern Home Brew News mailing "One-step: One-step releases oxygen into solution in a way that
forms hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide kills bacteria and other
infectious organisms. Hydrogen peroxide then degrades into water
and oxygen and the only residue is a thin film of minerals that are
naturally found in most water supplies. One-step is not labelled
as a sanitizer because the producer has not chosen to apply with
the FDA for that designation. One step is mixed at one tbsp. per
gallon of warm water. One-step should not be used with hard water
(over 200ppm total hardness). One step has no listed contact time,
but in our experience 2 minutes is effective." Hopr it helps.

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