Priming Question (fruit beer)

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Priming Question (fruit beer)

Post by Tybalt » Mon Aug 11, 2008 3:47 pm

Hey all!

I'm still quite new to hombrewin' and have stumbled into something I'm not quite sure about.

I am trying to brew 7 gallons of Lilikoi beer (I got the recipe from the BeerTools site here:

It has been sitting for about 2 weeks, and is at its FG. I was wondering if the lilikoi concentrate (actually I'm just using fresh juice that I squeezed and froze) would count as the priming sugar that I should use before bottling. If not what is a good way for determining the correct amount of priming sugar to use?

FINAL question - I have a corker (vs a caper) and so I was going to put my beer in corked wine bottles - will that produce a different effect or wait time or cause any problems I should be aware of?


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Post by thebirdman » Sat Aug 23, 2008 8:41 pm

Use/add it in the secondary and let sit another week,,
There is no way to determine the sugar content of the prepared juice....Nor the outcome of the flavour to be added..
If you were to place it into the bottling may get a "splash...of caps poppin"
As for the qty of yeast left..... youll see it in the secondary activity, and can adjust the next batch accordinly....

I did 2 fruit beers 2 weeks ago "just kegged" and when fresh fruit was added....seen strong activity for 3 the secondary...
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