Old Muntons Cans

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Old Muntons Cans

Post by GateMike » Wed Feb 28, 2001 6:07 am

I recently came across a few cans of old Muntons light hopped extract. They looked old so I was worried about the quality. I wrote an email to Muntons and they said the code on the bottom of my cans dates them to August, 1993. He also said that the cans should be fine to use, but they will be darker. Other sources that I have read from, including this site seem to discourage using old malt exract. What should I do? This is some old extract! I don't wanna waste my time if the beer is going to taste horrible!

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old extract

Post by sahti » Fri Mar 02, 2001 2:16 pm

It's best to use fresh ingredients for beer making as with anything else. Liquid extract will darken with age, but the flavor shouldn't go bad. As long as the cans aren't bulging and have been kept in a fairly stable environment, they should be fine. If you want to try one out, mix it with some fresh extract so it is diluted. At the worst the beer should just taste a bit off. If it taste fine then use the rest of them. Or use them for beers that you are using a lot of specialty grains and/or hops. Then if there are slight off flavor, they will be masked by the other flavors. If the cans are bulging or leaking, then I'd avoid them. Good luck
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