Low OG Question

What went wrong? Was this supposed to happen? Should I throw it out? What do I do now?

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Low OG Question

Postby ripsnub » Mon Mar 06, 2006 7:59 pm

Used about total of 9 pounds grain. 8 lbs of 2-row and the other 1lb with specialty and adjuncts for total of 9 lbs. did step mash at 125, 148, and 158 deg. starch iodine test was good (no color change) after about 60 minutes. Sparged with close to 3 gallon water and after 60 minute boil, had nice 5 gallon batch. Tested OG at 60 deg. was 1.034, this was supposed to be mild golden ale with relative low OG but expected higher than this. Some of my reference books do list mild ale OGs in the low 30s. Just wondered if someone had a thought which was idrectly related to the volume of grain. I figured 9 lb would do the trick to get me to 1.040. I hope at least the FG is close to 1.010 for 71% attenuation. Thanks.
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Simular Problem

Postby brewmeisterintng » Fri Mar 17, 2006 8:31 am

I too had a simular problem. I have been brewing all grain for aprox a year and when I attempted a wheat beer my gravitiy was way low. The responces were that:
1. I should have done a step infusion how ever not required with simple 2-row.
2. My water chem might be off.
3. THe grains might not have been cracked properly.
If you have mashed before and can rule out the tun and water, my bet would be that the grains didn't get cracked properly.

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