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Postby haludar » Fri Sep 16, 2005 1:56 pm

has anyone ever experienced the metalic taste that you get in store bought beers everyonce and a while?
I have not ever had this happen to my brews but in three bottles in the last batch.
i don't know what this is can anyone help me figure it out

I was thinking it may be the caps but it wasn't throughout the whole batch just in three of the bottles
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Re: yuck

Postby Push Eject » Tue Nov 15, 2005 1:06 am

If by metallic you mean an almost blood-like, irony taste, YES.

Isn't it awfull?!

I had a commercial porter about a year ago that still haunts me...

Here is what John Palmer has to say about it:
[quote]Metallic flavors are usually caused by unprotected metals dissolving into the wort but can also be caused by the hydrolysis of lipids in poorly stored malts. Iron and aluminum can cause metallic flavors leaching into the wort during the boil. The small amount could be considered to be nutritional if it weren't for the bad taste. Nicks and cracks ceramic coated steel pots are a common cause as are high iron levels in well water. Stainless steel pots will not contribute any metallic flavors. Aluminum pots usually won't cause metallic flavors unless the brewing water is alkaline with a pH level greater than 9. Shiny new aluminum pots will sometimes turn black when boiling water due to chlorine and carbonates in the water.

The protective (grayish) oxides of aluminum can be enhanced by heating the clean pot in a dry oven at 250
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