hops utilization full boil vs partial

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hops utilization full boil vs partial

Postby River Rat » Thu Jan 10, 2002 6:09 am

I know that you get better hops utilization when you do a full volume boil. My question is how much better? Is there a formula I could use?
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tools on this site

Postby andytv » Thu Jan 10, 2002 5:50 pm

I don't know for sure, but you may be able to run an experiment using the recipe generator/calculator tools on this site. You can specify the batch size & boil capacity. Try the recipe both ways and see how the bitterness differs.
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Hop utilization & volumes...

Postby Mesa Maltworks » Mon Jan 28, 2002 2:12 pm

"I know that you get better hops utilization when you do a full volume boil."

Yes... to an extent this is true. The reason utilization decreases in a partial boil is because the higher the gravity of the wort you are boiling, the less utilization you can achieve. But, this is assuming you are never varying your boiling time. You can recover most of the maximum utilization (25~35%) by lengthening the boil, but you may end up over-caramelizing the wort (making it too dark or imparting molasses or tracle-like flavors)if you boil for too long.
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Postby aturner » Sun Apr 03, 2005 3:59 pm

I've tried using the calculator this morning to determine the effect of a partial vs full boil, but there was no difference in the recipes.
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