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Postby mpullias » Sun May 23, 2004 7:35 pm

Anyone have or know anyone who uses the Sabco Brew Magic system? I was wondering if it's really worth the $4000 they're asking for it.
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Postby bigdosgood » Fri May 28, 2004 2:59 pm

Personally I built my own and I kept it simple. The more plumbing that you have the more difficult the sanitation. has some cool stuff too. Space is the issue. If you brew outside, the tree type stand is better and this system is flawless.

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Postby olivier » Tue Jun 01, 2004 3:55 pm

Yes, no kidding look at their brew sculpture, they have a ton of different one for an y budget ($900 to $14,000).
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Postby Fernwood Fermentations » Wed Aug 04, 2004 2:30 pm

I'd also recommend the build your own method. My two experiences with brewtree were pathetic at best.
1) disgusting email banter with the ower / operator
2) I saw their counterflow chiller at my local HBS and I'm sure anyone that can sweat (solder) fittings can do a much better job.

Build your own and be proud of your brewery.
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Postby DreamWeaver » Fri Aug 06, 2004 12:21 am

I agree with the above posts, but if you are not able to take the time to make your own set-up and are within driving distance of Toledo/Sabco, and have $$$ to toss, go for it. I found that most beer distros have kegs that are ready to be discarded and will sell them to you at a small cost & a welding shop will plasma cut the tops for about $20 ea. A Dremmel tool will work too unless you are clumsy like me. I bled but stitches were not necessary. I like to keep the cost at a minimum just to be able to keep the wifey happy!
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build yer own

Postby BryansBrew » Wed Sep 08, 2004 3:17 pm

My setup (12G SS Kettle for HLT, and 2 15.5G Converted kegs for MLT and Kettle) was about $800 including all the little connections, burners, and additions.

Knowing what I do now, and having more resources, I probably could have done a lot better. But for those who are short on time and don't have the resources, a ready made setup isn't a bad idea.
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Re: sabco

Postby Push Eject » Tue Sep 14, 2004 6:07 pm

mpullias wrote:Anyone have or know anyone who uses the Sabco Brew Magic system? I was wondering if it's really worth the $4000 they're asking for it.

Never used one, but have talked with brewers who do and THEY ARE FANATICALLY IN LOVE WITH IT.

Having said that, I talked a welder friend of mine into helping me build my Frankenstein for less than $100 in angle iron and I love it too.

Since those pictures were taken I've added a pump and counterflow chiller. Consistantly good beer every time.

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Postby tnlandsailor » Fri Sep 24, 2004 11:54 am

The problem with prefabbed breweries is that you don't have to think about what you are doing and you end up trusting someone else to assume how you brew. By building your own, you have to actually think about your entire process and make design decisions based on a well thought out plan. Without a plan and buying a ready made brewery, someone else is telling you how to brew. That means you aren't any smarter at the end of the day and I think that is the basis of homebrewing.

When you design your own you get to find out about things like material compatability, thermal conductivity, pipe threads, tubing connections, fittings, cutting, bolting, soldering, etc. These are the foundation of innovation later on. Do yourself a favor, dive in and build your own.
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