Suspect secondary . . .

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Suspect secondary . . .

Postby treegs » Tue Jan 02, 2001 5:01 pm

I'm a rookie trying to make my way through my first brew without totally screwing it up. Last night I siphoned my beer to a carboy for secondary fermenting. My recipe called for dry hopping in a muslin cloth. I took all the precautions I could to avoid contamination. Today (24 hours later) after checking on the carboy I am seeing suspect small, white foam type formations on the surface of the beer inside the bottle. Is this normal? Should I top off the carboy up to the neck with additional bolied water? I have read varying descriptions/techniques concerning brewing and what/what not to expect. Any advice would be appreciated. TREEGS
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Postby jeff » Tue Jan 02, 2001 7:10 pm

From the way I see it, you can relax. The white circles of foam likely is just residual fermentation; the yeast is still eating. I get the same thing with my batches as the yeast winds down.
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