BeerTools Pro 2.1.3 Release Notes

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BeerTools Pro 2.1.3 Release Notes

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A new update is available in My BeerTools.

This update includes new styles. Please see the release notes below.

It's always a good idea to backup your BeerTools Pro data before updating BeerTools Pro.

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BeerTools Pro 2.1 Release Notes

[Opt] = Optimization
[Fix] = Bug Fix
[Imp] = Improvement on bug, but problems may still exist
[New] = New Feature
[Chg] = Changes Previous Functionality
[Kis] = Known Issue
[Wrk] = WorkAround
[Dep] = Deprecated
[Pat] = Describes a backwards compatibility issue.
[Ref] = Major refactoring, functionality should be identical to

v2.1.3 2024-03-19

[New] [All] BJCP 2021 style guidelines added to the database.

v2.1.2 2021-12-19

[Fix] [All] Fixed error that prevented saving recipes online
            without a value in the recipe date field.
[New] [All] New ingredients added to the ingredient database.

v2.1.1 2021-08-31

[Chg] [Mac] Suspended universal build.

v2.1.0 2021-08-12

[New] [Mac] Official macOS release.
[New] [Mac] Included universal build for Apple silicon.
[Fix] [All] Improve contrast for active mini buttons so their
            state is visually clearer.

v2.1.0.10 2021-01-09

[Chg] [All] Expand parent styles folder in the style browser
            when opened.

v2.1.0.9 2021-01-04

[Fix] [All] Fix exceptions thrown when deleting local recipe
            folders containing subfolders.
[Fix] [All] Prevent overwriting of recipe style data not yet
            stored in the database.
[Fix] [All] Append style variant to the style name shown in
            recipe lists and in the info window.
[New] [All] New style edit button and style browse button in
            the main window.
[Chg] [All] Transfer previous library folder database when
            selecting a new library folder in preferences.

v2.1.0.8 2021-01-01

[Fix] [All] Fix exceptions on queued socket requests to the
            API server.
[Fix] [Win] Increase the size of the beer glass on printouts.
[Chg] [All] Schedules loaded from templates have improved
            adaptation to the current recipe.
[Fix] [All] Fix recipe window refresh after loading recipes and
[Chg] [Mac] Use legacy colors in list boxes for macOS < 10.14.
[Fix] [All] Fix issue related to saving recipes without a date
            entered in the date field on the info tab.
[Fix] [Win] Fix crash caused when deleting local recipes on

v2.1.0.7 2020-12-29

[Fix] [All] Fix logo icon appearance on print and template
[Fix] [All] Fix display of library folder path in the
            preferences window.
[Fix] [All] Fix NilObjectException that occurred when deleting
            the last ingredient from the water chemistry window.
[Fix] [Mac] Fix the text color in the EULA text while in dark
            mode on the Mac.
[Fix] [Mac] Fix the appearance of the date control under the
            info tab while in dark mode on the Mac.
[Fix] [All] Fix equipment list refresh issue when adding a new
            piece of equipment to the list.

v2.1.0.6 2020-12-25

[Fix] [All] Fix ingredient drag-n-drop list switching bug.

v2.1.0.5 2020-12-24

[New] [Mac] Added compatibility with dark mode on macOS.
[Chg] [All] New recipe items list selector button and filter
            menus replace old list selection buttons in the main
[New] [All] Add default pressure units to preferences.
[New] [All] Add pressure units to the convert recipe units
[Fix] [All] Fix initialization of natural and forced carbonation
            values to arrive at 2.5 volumes CO2.
[New] [Mac] App notarization to allow installation on macOS
            10.15 and later.

v2.1.0.4 2020-12-13

[Fix] [Win] Fix HiDPI icons on buttons and other interface
[New] [All] Separate the local database file from the recipe
            library folder to allow compatibility with cloud
            services such as iCloud Drive and Dropbox.
[Fix] [Mac] Prevent overwriting recipes sent to the trash.

v2.1.0.3 2020-12-10

[Chg] [All] Move specific volume of malt and water absorbed by
            grain settings from preferences to main window and
            save with each recipe file.
[Fix] [All] Fix missing transparency masks on buttons with

v2.1.0.2 2020-12-07

[Fix] [All] Fix broken drag and drop for ingredients, equipment
            and packages.

v2.1.0.1 2020-11-18

[Chg] [All] Update program to communicate with API server using
            updated security standards.
[Opt] [All] Overhaul API communication functionality for
            improved performance and reliability.
[Fix] [All] Fix font size on high definition displays for the
            sort menu in the shopping list recipe chooser.
[Chg] [All] Preserve shopping list recipe chooser folder sort
            order selection between uses.
[New] [All] Export recipes in version 2.0 format added to export
[New] [All] Add days and weeks as possible duration units.
[New] [All] Duration can be specified for any ingredient added
            at any stage.
[New] [All] New ingredients added to the ingredient database.
[New] [All] Enable sorting library ingredients by modified date.