McEwan's Scotch Ale

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McEwan's Scotch Ale

Post by jimsmasonry »

I know it's been asked before but it has been awhile & the answers seemed ify so I thought I'd ask again. Does anyone have a dead ringer recipe for (my favorite) McEwan's Scotch Ale (grain preferably)?
Does anyone know if it can be purchased in the U.S. anymore?

Thanks so much, Jim.
The Professor
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Post by The Professor »

I haven't seen McEwan's Scotch for quite some time. The brands have been acquired by another brewery recently from what I understand, so who knows...we may see it again.

If you're looking to reproduce it, all I can say is mash at a higher temp, aim for a high OG, and use a yeast that will finish at a higher FG.

While not totally "authentic", you also might want to add a good proportion of dark Munich malt to your grist to achieve the requisite 'malty' character. And go easy on the hops. Use less than you even think you should.
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McEwans Scotch Ale

Post by MariaWew »

In case you are comparing the flavor to other scotch strong ales you have tasted, its gonna take a good while for the malt to come forward and blend into a robust flavor. Like several months. If you dont think its just a green beer in this way, what was your FG and what type of yeast did you use at what temp.

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