Beerxml missing info

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Beerxml missing info

Post by kristoffer »

I'm trying to use a beerxml plugin in wordpress to show recipes exported from Beer Tools on a website, but it looks like the beerxml from Beer tools is missing a couple of tags.

I suppose the beerxml-plugin for wordpress is made for beersmith, but as far as I can see, some of these tags should have been in the xml from beer tools anyways.

These are missing tags:
<Est_Color> (or i guess <color> could be used)
<Est_OG> and <Est_FG> (I might be able to rewrite the plugin to use the <OG> and <FG> tags from beer tools)

There might be more, but those are the ones I'm missing as of now!

Is it possible to add those to a future release? (I have 2.0.18)

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