Need help making Recipe

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Need help making Recipe

Postby brian kay » Wed Jun 10, 2009 3:44 pm

HI all

I have a few ingredients at hand but i don't know what recipe to make i tried to use beer tools but i don't know where to start . So could some one Please HELP me, this is my Second brew using raw ingredients did a good few kits but want to move on to all grain or extract. i will list what i have and i am going to be ordering a brew kettle in the next few days so i am willing to order more grains/ hops or what ever anyone suggest.


Crystal malt uk EBC 120 3kg
vienna malt germany EBC 7 400g
Maris otter extra pale uk EBC 3 1.5kg
Halcyon pale uk EDC 5 500g


Goldings alpha 5.1% 200g
Northern brewer 100g
Aurora alpha 8.6% 100g
Hallertauer hersbrucker alpha 2.8% 80g
Cascade alpha 6.8% 100g
Target alpha 10.7% 100g

I have 3000g of light dry spraymalt and loads of corn suger and i need yeast as the packs i have are out of date

I like light pale ales and pils and LOVE Heineken haha i will give any recipe a go.

so could some one please help me i don't know what to do i a willing to make 3 or 4 different brews and a willing to order more ingredients.

Thanks lads
brian kay
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Postby brian kay » Wed Jun 10, 2009 3:46 pm

Oh forgot i'm doing 5gl per brew thanks
brian kay
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Postby Suthrncomfrt1884 » Fri Jun 12, 2009 12:31 am

There doesn't seem to be anyone alive on this forum at the moment. I would help you out, but I'm not too good at converting units. If you convert what you've got to pounds and ounces I can help you out.
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Postby slothrob » Fri Jun 12, 2009 6:43 am

You have a few options I can see right away, but it's a little tougher if you want to make a lighter colored ale if the only Crystal Malt you have is 120°L.

You could make a British or American Pale Ale by using about 4-4.5 kg of the Maris Otter and/or Halcyon as a base, then adding 50-100 g of the 120L Crystal. The 400 g of Vienna would be nice in there as well, if you want to make it more malty. Using more of the 120L Crystal and the Vienna would start to approach an Amber Ale, which could be nice, but less like your stated preferences.

For the British Pale Ale, you could bitter with Target (about 18 g) and flavor with Goldings (perhaps 15 g at 20'). You could use S-04 yeast, though WLP002 or WY1968 would be better, in my opinion.
For the American Pale Ale, you could bitter with Northern Brewer (23-25 g) flavor with Cascade (maybe 15 g at 20' and 15 g at 0'). Use US-05 yeast.

You could try making a Blond Ale with just 4 kg of Maris Otter, 400 g of Vienna, Northern Brewer to bitter, and 15 g Hallertauer at the end, maybe at 5' before the end. I've never made anything quite like that, but it should be something like the yellow beers you like if you ferment with US-05 yeast at temperatures close to 15°C.
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