first brew day few worries

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first brew day few worries

Postby yoyokid82005 » Tue Feb 24, 2009 4:04 pm

well today is my 23 birthday i went out and got myself an equipment kit and a true brew hef kit. it went pretty well i made a few changes to it already. i changed the hop schedule a little. i added the first oz. of hops like normal and then a half oz. at 45 and then the last additon at flameout on a 60 minute boil. i cooled it down as quick as possible in a icewater bath took 10 15 minutes. then put in primary added some more cold water. the temp was about 56-58 degrees added the yeast sealed it up and put the airlock into the grommet. i noticed that the grommet was punched though and i tried to pull it back through and it fell into the wort. tried to fish it out didnt get it, stuck my hand in the wort and pulled some yeast out with my hand which was very clean. made a ghetto grommet with saran wrap. my questions are is the ghetto grommet ok to use. i hit the sg that the kit called for. is the temp to cold for safbrew wb. 60 wheat yeast to frement? sorry for the book im just worried that i comperised all the time it took to sanitise everything.
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Re: first brew day few worries

Postby slothrob » Tue Feb 24, 2009 9:04 pm

yoyokid82005 wrote:my questions are is the ghetto grommet ok to use?
is the temp to cold for safbrew wb. 60 wheat yeast to ferment?

This happens to a lot of people. The jury rigged grommet is fine. You should have just used that and not tried to fish out the rubber one... especially not with your hand! Beer is often very forgiving so you could be fine. Your pushing it, though

You cooled the beer to ~58°F, which is on the cool side for a Weizen yeast, but it has probably warmed up since then. I like WB-06 when I've used it at 62-64°F, according to the thermometer on the side of the fermentor. :lol:
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