Aluminum Kettle

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Aluminum Kettle

Postby dliput » Mon Apr 07, 2008 10:19 pm

I have a 7 gallon aluminum kettle, are there any disadvantages to using an aluminum kettle rather than a stainless steel? Would it be worth the money to buy a stainless steel kettle?


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Aluminum Kettle

Postby slothrob » Mon Apr 07, 2008 11:22 pm

Nothing wrong with an aluminum kettle.
It's lighter weight and has more efficient heat transfer than stainless.

Give it a good scrub when you first get it to remove any metal filings or machine oil, then condition it by boiling water in it for half an hour before using it the first time.
Avoid scrubbing it after that, so that you maintain the gray oxidized layer which acts as a protective coating. Keep acid and caustic cleansers away from it.
I find that rinsing the pot with water, wiping with a soft cloth, then giving it a final rinse gets it plenty clean and allows a good coating to remain.
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Postby yaturaz » Tue Apr 08, 2008 6:57 am

Great advise, thanks:)... I have a turkey fryer as a brew pot and it works great for me.
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