What is the best type of brewing kit available?

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What is the best type of brewing kit available?

Postby CountTuba » Mon Mar 19, 2001 11:39 am

Hello, I have recently become interested in home brewing and have been looking at several kits, and I'm not quite sure what I should be looking for. I think I have narrowed it down to the top end B3 that comes with the kegging equipment and all, it's expensive but I think it's worth it, and it seems to be the most complete one I can find on the internet. If anyone has some advice they could give me that would be great. If you have heard anything about this kit, and if it's a good one or not, or what kit I should buy, that would be great. Thanks a lot

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purchase what youre comfortable with

Postby McBees » Mon Mar 19, 2001 6:29 pm

I started homebrewing about 8 years ago with a "mr.beer" kit that my wife bought me as a fathers day present (from Sears no less). Needless to say, I have since given up the mr.beer fermenter except when I use it for soda, and have since gotten much more involved than anyone ever could be with that very primitave set-up. The best recommendation that I can give you as well as anyone else that is getting started is that you dont have to get very sophisticated to start. I never did buy a complete kit. I gradually bought carboys etc. as I found the need. One advantage to kegging from the start is that there would be no need for a bottling bucket, but as far as equipment goes they are pretty cheap. As for kegging equipment, there is a kegging system that a local supply shop is selling here that for $120.00 comes with everything needed to keg including a new corny (the only thing needed for this keg set up is to get the CO2 cylinder filled). I started slow with very little $$$ initally invested and added to my beer making supplies/equipment as needed and I never felt overwhelmed mentally or financially by doing it this way.
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I agree with mcbees

Postby dartedplus » Tue Mar 20, 2001 4:42 pm

I agree with mcbees who also responded to you. I started out with the basic kit which included the 2 buckets the capper some stoppers and check valve. Then I got a couple of carboys and other things along the way. The biggest concern is what type of brewing will you be doing. Will you be doing extract or all grain. There is a lot more equip[ment involved in all grain brewing. I would love to make the jump to all grain but at the moment I dont have the space. Once I am more settled I will certainly do that. So I think that you could just dip your feet in or jump right in, but you do have alternatives. I am sure you have done your research and know how much more work is involved in all grain brewing. I hope you enjoy doing it no matter what choice you make. I know that I enjoy it a great deal, sitting here typing this to you and drinking a nice german altbier ( my favorite ) Good luck and happy brewing!!!
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