now i remember that question i meant to ask....

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now i remember that question i meant to ask....

Postby Fraoch » Tue May 07, 2002 2:38 am

Been meaning to ask this for a while,here in Aus i can only get 2 types of pale malt unless i pay exp[ensive imported prices. Both types are 2 row and one company refuses to supply me with the specifics of thier product. Chances are though that it has a high level of protien. I have the specifics for the Adelaide Malting Co spring Schooner malt and the protein level is 11.5%. Needles to say it throws a haze when chilled, in order to eliminate the excess protein i add an adjunct. In my case i like Torr. Wheat. Question is how do i work out how much will "break down" the proteins before adding to flavour, the idea is to simply "clear" my beer. The recipe requires only pale malt.I should also add that the mash is single infusion with no protein rest. Yes i know i should but i dont...
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