Jeff: Incorrect Data in 'Style Editor' for 'Style Database'

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Jeff: Incorrect Data in 'Style Editor' for 'Style Database'

Postby billvelek » Wed Apr 18, 2007 1:10 am

While just messing around with the latest version (v.25) of BTP, I happened to be glancing over the 'Style Database' and its 'Style Editor'. In the "Type" field for every single style, they are all shown as an "Ale" -- even the classic lagers like Pilsner. I don't recall whether this "Type" field has always been available in all prior versions of BTP, or if this is a recent addition and the database just hasn't been updated yet to select the appropriate "Types". I can use my style guidelines and manually change them -- that's easy enough -- but I don't want to spend the time if another updated version will wipe out the changes.

Also, this is a good time to remind Jeff and Lathe of a suggestion that I made many months ago that has not yet been implemented and perhaps has been fogotten -- and that suggestion is to please include that same information (the "Type" field) somewhere on the recipe page, preferrably under the "Style" tab where category and subcategory are listed (there is PLENTY of room to display it). That way, as I scroll through the styles I can easily and immediately identify which ones are ales versus lagers versus mixed styles, etc. This would be a VERY helpful asset to me as well as other brewers who can't recall at a glance whether certain styles are "Ales" or "Lagers" -- and for all brewers like myself who lack the cooling ability to lager, that is obviously going to be a primary consideration when selecting a recipe. I'd imagine that such an addition would be very easy to implement in the program, too. And then if you REALLY want me to get excited, add a radio-button selection so that we can scroll through JUST the ales, if that's all we can make, or JUST the lagers if that's what we're interested in, etc.


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