"Leftovers" Beer?

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"Leftovers" Beer?

Postby Okami » Thu Feb 08, 2001 1:19 pm

Has anyone out there made
"Leftovers" beer?
I was just wondering since I am
getting a small collection of packets
of hops and a little malt extract here
and there all piling up in my fridge.
This is taking up valuable brew space.
I just wondered if anybody has ever done
this, and how it turned out.
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Postby jeff » Thu Feb 08, 2001 1:54 pm

I call it
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BYO Article

Postby Bret » Thu Feb 08, 2001 6:53 pm

The 5th anniversary issue of Brew Your Own magazine published an article about a brew they made with everything but the kitchen sink. something like 5 malts, 4 or 5 hops, etc. End result was said to be crisp, refreshing, etc (i.e., "good").
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Postby bredmakr » Fri Feb 09, 2001 4:04 am

This sounds like an excellent time for experimentation. Dab of this, dash of that. The worst thing that could happen is you end up with more beer!
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