BTP Videos and a suggestion and a question

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BTP Videos and a suggestion and a question

Postby billvelek » Fri Jan 26, 2007 1:44 pm

I follow these forums fairly religiously (can you tell?), but I don't remember ever hearing about any videos about BTP, so when I came upon these I thought I'd bring them to everyone's attention. Both videos are by Lathe, and can be viewed through 'Google Video' at Very good job, Lathe. I hope there are more such videos, and I also hope that the release of any new videos will be announced on these forums so that we needn't just stumble across them; if they were announced, I guess I just missed it. Anyway, I have just edited the Wiki "Overview" to begin with a note that those videos are available, and I provided a link to the google page.

Suggestion: Those videos are sort of like a tutorial, and it might also be good to incorporate them directly into BTP unless the programming and downloading are too cumbersome; e.g., if possible, you could add a menu command like 'Help | Tutorials' with a sublist of subjects. If this would make downloads too long for repetitive upgrades, then you could put it under the 'Online' dropdown and provide links to the videos there (hosted on your server). My thoughts along this line are also that, by hosting it on your own site, you might be able to increase the size of the image so that it isn't such a blur on the screen.

Question: Lathe, you make mention of an initial video by "Frosty the Beer Man"; does your video replace it, and if not, how can I view it?


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